Winter - gone, spring - here

© Nikitu
So, winter is fairly gone, provided you go by the calendar and don't live in the southern hemisphere.

Spring is coming and we need to shake off that tiredness, sadness and melancholy that winter usually imprints.

And how are you going to that?

If you're out of ideas, here is what happened to me this year.

My boyfriend was really nice and treated me with a weekend in Rome on his birthday. Rome was a lot warmer than Bucharest and we went to see the most filled with history and art city in the world. It was pretty cheap as well and the pizza is real, like with real tomatoes and real prosciutto. We were pretty tired from walking so much in one day (about 30km), but it was worth the pain. So, I recommend this to anyone who has 200 euros and a weekend to spare. Do not forget your camera, you shall weep.

© Diliff

Prior to going anywhere, even your local park, take out your cameras, lenses and filters and clean them. Air for the cameras, solutions and cloth for the rest. It will save you a lot of time in post processing to have clean lenses and sensors.

When you go out, don't fill your camera bag with all the lenses you have, think about what you will be shooting and take only what you need. Usually a wide lens or fish eye and a zoom lens are more than enough.

Personally I used my Canon G10 for close ups and my Canon 20d with Tokina 10-17 fish eye for dramatic pictures of buildings, ceilings and so on.

After a weekend away you might be beat for the next week or so, especially if you work 9 to 17.30 like I do. So use the next week to recover and to work on the 500 images you've taken.

Make a good selection and upload them to your favorite microstock site, Dreamstime, of course. :)

To get out of the lethargy that those endless winter nights with cold winds and snow give you start walking in the park. I started running this Sunday and I am hopping to progress a lot by summer. Long brisk walks or easy runs will help boost your health, your blood will flow better, you will feel more energy and you will want to eat healthy foods. There is no way I would crave a burger after a run. My liver simply refuses it.

If you can cycle (which unfortunately I am incapable of) take your bicycle out for a ride and enjoy some fresh air.

It's the time of the year when trees renew their crowns and flowers will soon start to bloom. If you do this during the weekend don't forget your camera, who knows what beauty lies in your path.

Another thing that makes me feel better when spring comes is to renounce the heavy clothes I wear in winter and dress in something lighter; even if it is still cold, the sun will warm you.

Tired of the winter diet of potatoes and pickles? Fill the fridge with the vegetables that just matured in the greenhouses. They are tasty and full of vitamins. Eat less meat or at least less fat, that will make you feel better.

Don't forget to use your camera when you cook. Some nice pictures with potential may be produced, not just a good meal.

© Kurhan

And celebrate - here in Romania we had Martisor on March 1st, it's the hailer of spring when a snowdrop and a martisor is given.

And on March 8th it's Woman's day, internationally, and it's a well know fact that women love flowers.

So, become positive, think now, think spring, think photography, think life.

And now, I am going back to review, but I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys will do when spring comes.

Then I will think about a tutorial on how to shoot the flowers that bloom these days.

Photo credits: Candybox Images, Max Blain, David Iliff, Clifford Farrugia, Kurhan, Lavitreiu, Ioana Grecu, Petarneychev.

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March 10, 2010


enjoyed reading it too:) Spring so beautiful time :))

March 04, 2010


Birds are singing... It's wonderful! Happy approaching spring everyone!

March 04, 2010


Well, they say snow is making a comeback in Bucharest in the next few days, hope it's the last of this winter

March 04, 2010


Good to hear that you had a great time in Rome!
Yesterday it was snowing very heavily here in Warsaw. We will have to wait for spring at least a few more days... SPRING... SPRING... SPRING... Indeed at the moment I can only keep thinking about it.

March 04, 2010


the winter is over here too,or happy Spring to you from Italy!
great blog and thanks for the advices!

March 04, 2010


Winter is still here (snowing at the moment...) but it is great to know that spring will come at last!

March 04, 2010


great blog, enjoyed reading it :) welcome spring !!!

March 03, 2010


Regardless that Winter seems endless this year in Portugal, I would say that not much left I hope! Thanks for the recommendations ;)

March 03, 2010


Thanks for your MARTISOR and for your beautiful wishes, Ioana. These three concepts, positive, spring and photography are very welcome in our country and in our world too.

Wish you a beautiful Woman's Day.

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