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Is it just me or do you also get less productive during the cold grey days of the winter?.

What do you shoot during the winter months?.

I find it hard to find something interesting and beautiful to shoot. Here and there you may see some trees that look kinda interesting.

I guess you can shoot wintersports like skiing and snowboarding, but unfortunately i live where there's NO mountains around for miles and miles therefore that plan is out the door. And the landscape around here is just flat and kinda boring to look at in the winter. Nothing special at all. Im pretty sure it wouldn't sell, or maybe not even get accepted to the stock portfolio.

- I can't travel the world or cross country because of my full-time job in the security-business. And i can't bring all the mountains and snow over here:(. Big dilemma.

I would LOVE to make photography my full-time job and travel to shoot all different parts of the world. I guess that thats a dream for very many people who has a passion for photography. But that market is very hard nowdays to get in to.

But lets not give up our dreams, its a dream worth fighting for;).

Do you have any tip on what to shoot in the winter time, except inside studiowork?

- Or is that the only option in the winter if you don't have access to the mountains and all the fun?

Photo credits: Matthiase.

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March 18, 2013


Why not bring the tripod and shot some winter-details or trafficproblems or some everyday thing like funny wintercaps.
In Stockholm we are still able to perform a lot of nice winter activities like this:
   Sailing DN iceboat at high speed   
   Two tour skaters on smoth ice   

March 18, 2013


Personally I find the lack of daylight the biggest factor in finding it tough to shoot. There just isn't any time between work and night to get outdoors for me except on weekends...

March 17, 2013


no mountains here... but I live by the great lakes and winter usually proves to be a challenge. this year I had lots of fun with it~! there was so much going on this year outdoors... from holiday festivals to carolers, outdoor sports, I shot people stuck in snow, shoveling off cars, park benches also waiting for spring and frozen light houses. ice fishermen.. people walking pets in the cold..we even had a local ice festival with ice carvers. winter was wonderful this year~! although.... I am more then ready for spring~!!!
   Kayak in the cold   
   Tourist and frozen lighthouse   
   Winter photographer   
   Plowing snow   
   Shoveling snow off the car   
   Winter blue park bench: shades of blue   
   Elvis snowman   
   Frozen man in ice   
   Snow shovel   
   Lake michigan dog walker   

March 17, 2013


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