Winter is Not My Favorite Season

I will be the first to admit that winter is my least favorite time of year. Living in the mid west USA, we suffer through some brutal cold winters (like this year) and some very snowy ones. I always dread this time of year and often wish I could hibernate as bears do!

That being said, my love of photography has forced me out this winter. I haven't ever photographed much in cold weather due to this wanting to just stay inside and enjoy the warmth. This year my portfolio here at DT has forced me to rethink that. I have been able to find beauty in the cold. I have submitted a few of the many photos I have ventured out to get this season.

One photo I am especially proud of is awaiting approval as we speak. I had to climb a ditch filled with snow (little did I know I would sink to my knees) and hop a fence that was a little too tall for me to be doing that. I did, however, get the shot I wanted and am very proud of it! Hope the reviewers love it too!

DT is encouraging me to try new things and discover my adventurous side!

This shot I got thanks to my son who called to tell me there was a bald eagle sitting in a tree near our house!

Lots of people in the midwest enjoy ice fishing!

Photo credits: Iheartcountryphoto.

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Even if I live in Sicily, I live high in the mountains and my favorite season is winter. Congratulations on your images!


As we say in Sweden: Theres no bad weather, only bad clothing... ;-)
Nice shots Tina! Ice fishers here goes nuts when its a few centimeters of ice - like the hunting season for moose...


I'm with you...but I don't think it's not THAT bad. And I'm from Canada...
Great pics!


Nice story.....thank you ...... I don't like winter because of bills for heating oil ! David


Great winter shots, was worth you going out :) I will be glad to see Spring and the floods go away. Hope the image you are waiting for gets approved.


hi neighbor.. michigan usa here and I am tired of being held hostage by winter! nice winter shots! now lets all start chanting... spring ! spring! spring!


Great winter photos! Not my favourite time of year either. Here in the UK it's the heavy rainfall we're being swamped with that's causing lots of flooding! We've been snow free so far! Well done for braving those extra cold conditions and getting some great images :)


beaiutiful shot, here with us in Sicily, when the cold weather arrives ... There are swallows ... :) imagine I'd have eagles and bears in my area ... but nothing, at most a few hawk :)
In any case, congratulzioni and do not stop with your passion :)

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