Winter is over

This winter was really a winter - a lot of snow and many many cold weathers. It was great! But, unfortunately, with good thing there's always something bad - swans that did not fly away as people who feeding them all the time. In the end they begun to die as the sea was frozen and the food that people were feeding them with (white bread) did not consist of vitamins or other necessary thing for life in enough amount.

However, winter was enjoyable (with some exceptions), but finally i got enough - winter became too long. But then, suddenly sun came out and temperateure rose fast. Snow melted extremely fast as the temperature increased to even +14C or even higher at middays.

But as the snow left so fast, my country is totally overflooded in many places as the rivers are meters (yes, in plural) higher than usual. There are even places, when families can drive into their living room by a boat! I'm not kidding, it's true, it's happening.

Anyway, with bad things, there must be something good as well. And so is this time. As the rivers are full of water, waterfalls give really great play to look. Next few weekend are to be drive around and take pictures, that's for sure!

Photo credits: Risto Hunt.

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April 10, 2010


Although I do not like the cold very much winter can bring us beautiful views, as we can see in your portfolio.

April 10, 2010


I love the winter, this winter has been beautiful ... just sorry for the swams.
You have beautiful images, I like so much the "Icicles" :-) I wish you a lot of successes and nice springtime!

April 10, 2010


WoW! I like the brown "Waterfall"!

April 09, 2010


Great winter photos Risto!We had a really winter also but glad it is spring now and warm:)Wish you many sales!

April 09, 2010


Great shots

April 09, 2010


Nice winter shots!
Unfortunately human being can destroy by interfering with the nature, even with the good intention to feed the ducks! :(

Good luck in sales!

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