Wish for a 50$ minimun payout

Hi everyone

Don't you wish that the minimun payout here on dreamstime could be 50$ instead of 100$.

I am a hobby photographer and don't have the time to upload and take pictures as much as I'd like too, so... obviously my revenue is not the best one.

I have requested one payment of 104$ here on dreamstime since then I have gathered 33.24$ so I still have long way for 100 more.

some other agencies let you request payment at 50$ I wish that could be done also here on dreamstime. Don't you????

Photo credits: Jaime Debrum.

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yes, the less time it spends in their hands the better for us. They do the payout at 100 for accounting purposes, but with dreamstime being lower demand in the big 4, it probably makes more sense to be at the 50 or 75 dollar range.


Yes, for hobby photographers it would be better if the payout would start at 50$. I understand that. But the rule at Dreamstime is still 100$ for payout! So keep uploading more pics...!!! ;)


no what i was trying to say was that you should be able to cash out youre money at 50§ instead of 100.

I do not understand!! 500 why?


I guess what you mean is that payots should be according to time (let's say every two or three months) and not on how much money you have. In my case I get $150 per month.


Yeah... small payouts are too small... ill be happy if now i have 499$ and waits for 1$ :)


I think it should be $500 to be honest, must create loads of work for DT doing payouts at $100 for loads of people.

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