Wishes Coming True

They do, they really do!! Got #800 while I was dreaming of #1000 last night.

I also had another P-EL yesterday, and this last month got my first ever photo accepted for an assignment. I was thrilled to have it accepted and thrilled that it finished in the middle of the pack. Did want a tshirt, tho, my wardrobe is a little outdated. The ipod is too much to ask right now, at my level, even if I AM the only person in the world without one (hint hint)........

And I must also add that I was having a problem with a PR attachment yesterday and all of the great folks at DT were on top of it the minute they heard!!!

Now, I'll keep plodding away with all of you, my new friends, trying to learn every day and enjoying this experience with more milestones that give me bragging rights.

Here's a visit with my little alien that got me to #800:

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October 01, 2008


Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 01, 2008


LOL... we should take pictures together some day. :)

September 23, 2008


Congratulations, gotta love those milestones. On to 1,000!!!!

September 23, 2008


Thanks everyone-

Hey, Richard, if I add your stickers to mine I could maybe cover enough to use them as a shirt!

And Charlotte, the alien says he loves you, too. Be careful!

September 23, 2008


Congratulations and best of luck with achieving your next goal.

September 23, 2008


Congratulations and keep on this way!

September 23, 2008


Congratulations! Good luck on your next goal :)

September 23, 2008


Congratulations! Great work...love the alien!

September 23, 2008


Congratulations! Hope you will reach your next milestone soon!

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Photo credits: Susan Leggett.