Wishlist for better camera

Camera manufacturers have till now been mostly obsessed with megapixels.

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My wishlist

1. Have a detachable 3 inch LCD screen with shutter button, aperture and shutter speed control, review and drive mode change. Also able to attach it to the flash for easier change of off camera lighting options for single photographers without assistants. This lcd screen can be paired up to the camera by a certain numbering system but can allow other lcd screens to see this camera’s view point also for video or still directing capability. This is an extension of the Wifi capability of most pro camera already available.

This detachable screen allows

a) ability to have super street shooting capability, nobody will be aware of being taken. Good for journalists and parents.

b) allows model to hold and review the shots being taken by photographer

c) self shot capability

c) really low, high, side and maybe new and unexplored angles to be exploited

d) allow better face to face interaction with models so photographers can get more genuine smiles and behaviour shots such as children

e) great teaching tool as everyone with a lcd screen will be able to see the shot

f) camera manufacturers to sell more accessories

2. have a focus assist lighting system that can be extended snakelike out of the camera body as an option. This allows for better lighting options for a photographer that may need to shoot in dark conditions but need to use the flash off camera. Better still to have the modelling light on the flash being able to be used for focus assist also when off camera.

3. have radio wireless TTL flash capabilties interaction with the off camera lighting options for their own flashes with ability to have modelling lights of LED type, not the irritating flashes that is the norm now. Present systems uses infrared flashes for communication but they are affected by bright sunlight and needs line of sight.

Radio wireless TTL is already available with a lot of third party add-ons like Pocket wizards and Radio Poppers but they cost.

4. have AAA or AA batteries options so as to eliminate the hassle and weight of carrying a camera battery charger and AA/AAA charger at the same time.

5. when the camera is in different modes, have the camera signal it by different color LED lights on the outer camera casing so you know that you are in sports mode ( red ), portrait mode ( yellow ) or custom mode (purple). This can be expanded to other qualities that may be useful to the photographer.

Photo credits: Avnerr.

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April 29, 2011


Update, the samsung sh100 camera can send pictures with wifi enabled computers, even when they are switched off as most have Wake-on-Lan, it can be controlled by the Samsung galaxy S Android smartphone for remote viewing, zooming, shooting and gps tagging.

April 13, 2011


Most of what you want already exists.

1. With a laptop you can do remote shooting. Not wireless...yet but anyone can see the shots and you don't need to be behind the camera.
2. Not sure what you're asking for here but remote and wireless flash triggers exist to allow you to fire for focus assist.
3. That's not a bad wish I suppose.
4. Rechargeable batteries are demanded by most to avoid filling landfills with dead batteries. Buy a back-up battery and leave the recharger at home.
5. Not sure what the point of this one is. I can tell at a glance what mode my camera is in. Ususally manual but if I change it, it's easy to tell.

April 13, 2011


Tall order. . . . . . . but who knows one day in the near fuure all these will be available.

April 13, 2011



April 12, 2011


Interesting list!

April 12, 2011


interesting points

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