Withdrawal symptoms

I haven't been shooting for a week.. and its getting my fingers itching very badly and i am serious about it.

I thought today was a salvation. My school's club had organised an outing to the botanical gardens for a group walkabout shoot. Well I had work and had to be there by 3pm but the outing's 9am to 1pm and I can always leave early right?

On my way, I got called up even before I reach. Last minute changes and they told me I have to report at 12pm...

Argh, I was contemplating here and there. I reached the place and met my fellow members I tried as much as I wanted to stay. It only got the better of me as the thought of the time I have left to sufficiently reach home, get changed and get to work...

The painful decision came...

Sometimes its so disheartening to have such events clashing in terms of timing that we cannot control. Somethings just got to hold my priority. Work before passion, in this case.

I really miss photography and I'll be heading down to the zoo tomorrow - making sure I get to press the shutter at least in this week!

yes perhaps more monkeys tomorrow! :)

Photo credits: Koh Sze Kiat.

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