Wolves in Dreamstime

Wolves in Dreamstime,

I love wolves, since childhood. No wonder I love to visit websites about wolves and watch images of these gorgeous animals.

Recently, I have seen a beautiful photo of this wolf in Dreamstime. I loved it, so I have tried to input the word 'wolf' in the search window, after which I was really pleasantly surprised.

I have seen so many beautiful images of wolves in Dreamstime that it has been very difficult to chose just a few ones for this blog. Congratulations to photographers of wolves for beautiful images!

Looking at the photos, it has come to my mind that one can make a nice gift for somebody who likes this animals. To buy an image to hang in a frame on the wall, for a desktop, to use as postcard for friends, and so on.

Images in Dreamstime aren

Photo credits: Max Earey, Chavdar Dobrev, Outdoorsman, Zastavkin.

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February 23, 2009


Yes these are great! I used one from DT by Bacek on my daughters book. You can see it here /ItemDetail.aspx?bookid=47526Grey Wings

December 18, 2008


exactly, it would become a personal "image" gift :-) Many people like images, in past they were expensive in many places, DT is also useful for private gift, not only for webs and magazines, as the images have a very good price :-) Have a wonderful day!

December 18, 2008


that is a good idea, you could download an image that you know someone would like, and before you print it, add a little inspirational message / quote!
Nice wolf images above!

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