Wondering about adverage time till first pay out

hi all... i was wondering if some of you more experienced DT's could tell me something about how long it took for your first pay out.im having a slow start and wondering if its my image quality, my subject matter, or possible low placement on search results.. or maybe i could improve my tags.. any advice offered would be most appreciated.


Photo credits: Tara Golden.

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February 27, 2008


Hey..my portfolio is pretty small compared to a lot of other members who joined around the same time as me..i just reached my first payout after about 10 months here..really motivates you to get more pictures online as your monthly earnings increase with the size of your portfolio...it probly would have taken me another month or two if it wasn't for an unlimited seats license sale.

February 27, 2008


As my portfolio has grown, my earnings are growing faster. I joined February 26th of last year. I reached my first payout October 11th, 2007 -- 8 months later! I thought I would never get there! My second payout came January 11th, 2008. Only 3 months for the second one! Here it is a month and a half later and I'm not far from my 3rd payout. Just hang in there and keep uploading! What I have found that helps me is that I will go through my portfolio now and then and see which images aren't getting a lot of views and/or downloads and look over the keywords. Sometimes I find words that don't belong, or think of words that should go to it. Since I've been doing that, I'm getting better at keywording the images to begin with. Also, if I am trying to keyword an unfamiliar subject, I'll get on the internet and look up websites with information about it, such as uses for apples or what a dart in a target could mean conceptually.

February 27, 2008


Hey Tara. I'm not even close to being experienced but I've started at about the same time as you. Since were are newbies, our portfolio doesn't get much exposure because it is so small so I think the best way to gauge how you are doing is looking at small portfolios and see what the best selling photos are. If you look at the best sellers in large portfolios, it may be hard to judge since the large portfolios have a lot of exposure. I hope that helps. And good luck on your sales.

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