A work of art or a stock image?

My local council used to have an art competition every year, which was mainly painting, drawing and photography. I looked forward to it every year and everyone that submitted got in. It was a wonderful community event. The main criteria was to capture some aspect of the local area.

Dog Dogs At Park

This was the year I chose a local park where many people walk their dogs and which also happens to be a historical cemetery. Head stones and monuments are scattered about this park which makes it fairly unique. I used to walk through it to and from work. It always put things in perspective and is a place I liked. It is named St Thomas Rest Park and is the oldest cemetery on Sydney's North Shore.

How to capture its essence in a unique way was the question ? Being a photographer that also enjoys Photoshop, I decided to take multiple images and put them all together with as many dogs as possible and some kids. I chose a week that forecast good weather and clear sunny days. First I took an overall shot of the park. Marked the spot so I could set up each day between 8 and 10 am in the exact same place. Remembered my f-stop, camera height and was wide as my 24-70 would go.

For the next 4 days I would politely ask various dog walkers if I could photograph their dogs…. One at a time they would get their dog to sit and then I would get the dog owner to stand just behind me. Dog eyes would always follow their owner ! Snap ! Snap ! Very quick and easy every time. I tried to move them around to all the different areas and many would just run through the scene as well.

Dogs Dog Park Training

After 4 days I had hundreds of photos and a lot more work to do on the computer… a labor of love. Putting it all together was relatively easy but very time consuming. Next time I would shorten my shooting period to 1 hour or maybe a bit less. Having the shadows going off at different angles was not a good look ! Even though I do enjoy using Photoshop, I tried to do as much in camera as possible.

The opening day of the exhibition was a lot of fun and I was proud of my work. It was titled “Every Day Has Its Dogs” I can’t remember if I won the photography prize that year, but I did win the photography prize a few times over the years.

So back to my original question… A work of art or a stock image ? My original intent was art and to sell the framed image. Since that did not happen, I thought why not put it up on Dreamstime ! I did submit two images.The original and a variation without the monument with just dogs and grass. 516 sales later I have to say it is both art and a stock image… Who knew !

Photo credits: Cammeraydave.

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May 18, 2019


What an original piece of art! I just love it!

March 11, 2019


nice concept of the dogs actually enjoy coming to this place on their own without owners...excellent!

March 05, 2019


well deserved rewards for effort...

January 15, 2018


It has been a good opportunity to shot a lot of dogs, sincerely when I saw the photo I though that it was a photoshop composition, very nice, and congrats by the sales.

January 10, 2018


Great work of art!

January 09, 2018


It's a very nicely photoshopped photo, at first glance it looks natural.

January 09, 2018


Very nice work Dave,

January 09, 2018


Very nice work Dave.

January 09, 2018


Congratulations! Great photo. You are one of my favorite contributors and I very enjoy watching your photos. I wish, someday, I could be such a great photographer and artist as you...

January 09, 2018


Congratulations! Great photo. You are my one of favorite contributors and I really enjoy watching your photos. I wish, someday, I could be such a great photographer and artist as you...

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