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I had stopped uploading to DT for close to a year. Partly because work had taken over. Since most of my work involves travelling, I've recently begun using much of my spare time to taking pictures. Hence, there has been a sudden burst of images on DT from me (my total count jumped from 37 to 50 in a week).

I find it easier to get decent pictures when there is no pressure of having to take great ones. As it is for bread-winning work that I travel, I just shoot with what time I have and it is surprising how much better the results are. My acceptance ratio has also gone up (but still too embarrassing to share).

Surely I am not the first to utilise some of my work time for photography, and hence wonder how someone's job affects their photography, if at all. Most of my recent pictures have been shot at the place where I stayed: views from hotels being primary. Some have been from travelling to landmarks on off days.

Do share where your work has taken you and what kind of photography it inspires.

Thanks for reading.

Photo credits: R S Vivek.


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November 04, 2012


[imgl]http://www.25084150[/imgl] This is one of many taken on my travels though the Beautiful Lake district, England whilst traveling for work.

October 30, 2012


Your images are great, most of my images and sales are from trips too.

October 29, 2012


Yes, when you are not thinking of making money from it, you do it with full imagination. I don't get to travel now, so I just walk around where I work to take whatever I think it is nice. I enjoy the process and the results too. Thank you for sharing. I like your pictures!

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