In between work part 3A: Britney Spears I know you want to.

Everybody loves a good laugh so I am almost 100% sure a lot of you who hasn't seen it live have been searching for the video of Britney spears comeback at the MTV video awards.

Uhr comeback? I don't think so. Out of shape out of voice...OUT OF VOICE? What voice?, out of lipsync you mean, dancing like, and very very out of shape. I know for a fact my mother would have looked better and she has passed 70.

Trying to find a vid of the show I stumbled upon remove after remove until.......... Whoops there it is.

Enjoy and keep your eyes dry.

The image displayed is, of course, not her but a nice image by Prometeus.

Photo credits: Andrey Kiselev.

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September 11, 2007


I definately agree that it is past time for Britanny to "retire." She acts like she still has the body of a 16 year old. Granted she still looks good for having 2 kids (whom apparently she doesn't associate with much), but she is past her entertainment prime, so it seems.

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