Working around the Shredder Trojan Virus

It just figures, you go to upgrade, and all hell breaks loose...

Our computer registry was fouled, and we had a bad stick of RAM, so we had to reconfigure the entire machine. Fortunately, our catalog was now safe on our external, and it's only the machine we are dealing with. Why fortunate? Because, when we brought it home, we hooked it up, BAM... the Shredder Trojan attached itself to our machine. HOLY COW!!

This is one of the most annoying and nastiest viruses I've ever delt with. We've cleaned it off of our machine, but can't seem to get the pop ups to stop. Once you click on a popup, by accident, or even scrolling over them, the .exe file kicks on and attaches again.

It is real disheartening to have everything crash down at once. Our sales, which had been close to one a day, stopped completely for the last week. The Trojan also took quite a bit out of us. We lost 2 work days dealing with it, and it's STILL not fixed. Robert is working on the computer, trying to stabilize it, when he should be editing his images so I can put them up. It's rather maddening...

The one good thing out of this whole thing is we now have an Olympus E-510 and can now shoot 10mpx images! YAY!

Now, if we can keep the computer up and running long enough to process them... lol

We have to look to tomorrow. We have to have hope that this is the right thing for us. The future is what you make of it, afterall :)

Photo credits: Robert Gebbie.

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March 03, 2008


I feel your frustration! My friend recently was under attack by a nasty virus and lost everything. But it's no surprise because he's been running Win98 forever without any protection. That's a whole new level of duhhh. Good luck with your cleanup.
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