Working on Collection Update!

After some time of having my Best Of... collection, that was created last July & with over 2300 views now, I found my self in a small trouble as the collection has started to be so big and with out being updated!

I really didn't want to delete any of the chosen images as most were chosen by me & some were selected by some photographers in a previous blog.

So I thought of two solutions:

Dividing the collection into 3, which are:

© Mani33
Babies & Kids, that was created by me before the Best of but was limited on my baby illustrations, now I moved all the babies & kids from the Best Of to it!

© Mani33
Best Of... ANIMAL, newly created one where I moved all the animals photos & illustrations...

Best Of..., let me call the Classic one, with the rest of the best & favorites!

From here I can tell you my second solution that comes with your effort to help me if you kindly want! :)

PLEASE tell me what is YOUR favorite image from your portfolio for me to add it to my collection... Obviously if it's about children & animals it will be placed on the right collection!

It took me some time to add the images to the new collections & deleting from the Best Of... (Maybe DT could help us in the future to have check boxes for multiple selections to move or delete!!)... I'll leave this as a request ;)

I'm doing this because I really believe if you want a collection to keep successful you should update it regularly!

I still remember some images there had started with none or few downloads, now they have passed to other levels!

Ought to see your favorites guys! Cheers :)

Photo credits: Maen Zayyad.

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Very nice Klopa! Thanks ;)


Hi, Mani33. I have illustration of child If u like it, I'll be happy. Thnx.


Any time my friend, if they ain't great I wouldn't add them ;)


Thanks Mani, I saw few of my images in your collections, I'm honored.


Stefaniav yep! All the luck for all of us :)

Madam Leslie yes I used you! Wait let me rephrase that, I used some of your images in my collections :P
The angry dog has cracked me out :)))


Thanks for all your good work and for using me! Wait let me rephrase that


Thanks a lot Maen! :-) This is very kind of you! Hope your collection brings me (and all of you, of course!!!) a bit of luck with sales ^_^


You're welcome Sara & Kaththea ;)

Stefaniav Every portfolio has it's touch from a photographer! I choose what I like to see or prefer, no matter the concept, therefore I already chosen some from your's :))


Thanks, Mani, for adding my picture!)


Great idea Maen :-) My portfolio is still so small and I am not sure one of my photos could be a "best of" :-)


Hi Kaththea! It goes for the Best Of... of course, I like it :)


Hi, Mani!
This one of my most favourite

But I'm not sure, if it'll do for the Best of Animal collection)


Hey Mani,
great collection! I am glad you chosen also my pictures! Thank you! Have a good time.


Thanks Altaf :)
It doesn't sound a bad idea :P .... I just hope they get sales :)


Mani u always come out with great ideas, a man with a plan. My best image is yet to come, but anyways will add some.

BTW did you get an commission on the images sold from the collection.


I'm flattered Kelley! Thanks really! I would be happy to see all our images in these collections selling, that's what I would love to! Wish all good sales :)


You are SO awesome! I hope there is a way for me to repay you in the future. Until then, I wish you many happy sales!


Done everybody! I added some of your images and chosen others my self :)

Thanks for the nice comments! Cheers ;)


Great collections Maen, and a good idea to re-organize and update!


Want something else from me?? For Best of: 2886254 & 6384595. New kids: 13691706, 11956257, 6465493, 11726296


I know your collections, Maens :-) very well. I have found some messages "your image was added to the collection "Best of" :-) I like your collection so much :-) You are right, I totally agree, it is neccessray to update collections! Have a fun with it! :-)


Hello Mani,
thank you for what you do for us ;-)
Maybe some of these photos would be fine for your collection:


Thanks Gabriel :)
Thanks Kelley, done! :)


That is so great of you to do that!!! Can I kindly request you review the following images and add any that you think will go great in your collection:


Thank you for taking the time to review them! I hope you find at least one that will work in your collection. Thanks again for doing this. You're SO sweet! :-)


Great idea to divide the collection into 3 collection!Nice collections also:)


Thanks Maen............. : )


Thanks Maen, much appreciated!


Hi Rozenn, I took 5 of your cuties! In total you have 6 now! :))
The animals had joined the zoe... I mean the collection as well :P ... :)

Yes that is the one... ;)


Hi Maen,
Keeping busy as always! Is your little praying angel the one that you thought might be taken as FR rather than assignment? Very cute.
I've got quite a few babies and kids, hard for me to choose my favourites, but here are some ID numbers. 13445898 12413022 11811212 10983759 10842457 13745981 12770342 12543093 ... If it's too much let for you to check it all let me know and I'll trim it!
I've also got some animals 10842414 13744784 12422514


Thanks Carol! :)
Awesome images Enrique...done! ;)

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