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The start of 2012 has proved a difficult year for inspiration for me and have not really been sure what to photograph so my monthly growth has slipped from 30 or 40 imges a month down to just 4 or 5 at the moment... Not exactly a stellar start to the year, I am determined this year to concentrate on images that have a strong conceptual use and try a few different things, rather than simply taking photographs that meet the technical requirements of DT. These are amongst my first 2 attempts at a strong conceptual idea, technically tricky photographs to take involving allsorts of trickery and post processing, refracting the image through the droplet was only the start of the difficulties, working in Macro your DOF is so shallow, then you need to focus stack not to mention all the other wonders of lighting and post processing. I am really pleased with how they turned out and am pleased that DT accepted them.....

I guess all I have to do now is watch them fly off the "shelves" and count the dollars as they roll in lol! It does raise the question of investment in effort versus financial reward, I am pretty certain that unless they do particularly well I would have spent far longer on them than the financial reward will payback...

Photo credits: Llareggub.

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February 16, 2012


Thanks for the very kind comments...

I'm not sure that if I were doing this as a commmercial venture that I could justify the amount of time it takes to creat complex photographs but as I love taking pictures like this it does not bother me, apart from the frustration of getting photostacking to wrok ;)

February 15, 2012


You're my favorite conceptual photographer in my Favorites :) I always look forward to seeing your new work...
Definitely keep up the effort on conceptual images, but also work on less challenging photos. This way, your portfolio will keep increasing quickly and you'll bring more exposure to the smart photos :)

February 15, 2012


It's a new way of thinking and photographing for me as well, this whole concept thing. However think of all the new skills your learning and the more you do shots like these the better will be at setting them up. You'll find faster, cheaper, and more efficient ways of doing things that result in better shots.

I like the notebook idea that Peanut roaster had. Many times great idea's disappear right when I need them and I think it would help me also to write them down. I'll be sure to remember to start doing that in the morning...wait, what was I supposed to do? ;)

Nice shots and goodluck.

February 14, 2012


Good ideas! I often dream up a good concept right before I hit dreamtime and in the morning I find I've forgotten them. Probably a good idea to keep a note book handy for ideas...

February 14, 2012


Sometimes it is better to focus on specific concepts. Good Luck

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