Working whole night

I still cant get it ... Why people cant understand that working on pc when it's night is better then when it's day . Personaly , I lay at bed in 4-5 am ... Then I wake up at 12 ... When it's night , there is no telephone , no horns cause someone made traffic jam, nothing ... Just dark and silence , cold air , nothing else just you and your work ... Your focused on your job , nothing else ... When I start design , first I make sketch then apply it to screen and give it life ... Maybe it's just me? Maybe other people don't work/design at night like I do? What do you think? Yes you , tell me ...

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July 28, 2007


Working on the computer at night is just the best! My time, no intruptions, no hubby to answer to no grandchildren calling on the phone to come over... just give me some diet coke and some chips i can stay up all night editing photos, serfing the web....

July 28, 2007


i love to work all night long but as a mom i have to be up during the day. i do love the silence,stillness and uninterrupted time to work. it is when i feel the most creative.

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