Joined a Gym recently. The idea was to keep myself fit. Some observations that I found at the Gym were that people tend to get their mobile phones along with them and are busy attending phones than doing their work out. I feel keeping their phones at home for an hour would be more appropriate. (for them as well as others)

Then there are some who take the elevator to go to the second or third floor to attend the Gym. I mean if you are going for a workout, why not use the staircase ? (adds to the warming up)

It was nice to see all age groups in the Gym. Some really senior people as well as the young who are now being more and more aware of the needs of being fit.

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As for me I do a little bit of Cardio and some weight training but I realized that the best part of the work out was the Yogaclasses that were held twice a week.

Even though I started Yoga late in life, I found that it makes you more flexible and you can feel the strain on all the muscles in your body after an hour’s workout.

Come to think of it I am always looking forward for the next Yoga class.

Photo credits: Hartphotography, Jkerrigan, Aleksandar Todorovic, Rui Dias Aidos, Tomislav Pinter.

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May 05, 2010


Hello, and welcome to Dreamstime.
Thanks for your comment to my latest blog. All the best to you here :)

May 05, 2010


I also go to the gym and it stays the best way for me to get out of my everyday life and put out all the stress accumulated during the day !

April 30, 2010


I like Gym!

April 29, 2010


Yes,I think that staircase is a great tool for having a warm up. Goodluck on your yoga class and please share with us the progress.

Nice article,Joe.Thank you for sharing it with us.

April 29, 2010


That´s great! Yoga sounds good and I´m sure it´s fun! Thanks for sharing!

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