World Animal Day - for me 365 days a year

A lot of people are talking about how to make more profit at DT, how to generate more sales, how to make a living out of stock photography, etc. Just like in the daily world.

But there is more to life than just money...........

Today is World Animal Day. Most people will celebrate this day by buying treats or presents for their pet animals. And give more attention to their pet on this specific day. A strange ritual.....cause why not give a pet 365 days a year what he deserves?

Already for many many years that is exactly what I do. I don't have pets anymore but do help out at a local rabbit rescue shelter.

We try to re-home abandoned domestic rabbits, to give them a caring and loving home for the rest of their lifes. We try to educate the people about how to keep rabbits. We even go to elderly homes to brighten up their day with all kinds of animals (guinea pigs, pony, goat, rabbits, etc.).

Our shelter also rescues wild animals (like deer, hedgehogs, foxes), with the aim to put them back in the wild again.

No money to earn in this 'business' but it is SO rewarding. To see pictures of re-homed rabbits, enjoying their well-deserved life with a new companion. To re-home a 10-year old rabbit and to learn that he had 2 more fantastic years among his new family. To release an animal in the wild again, back to where it belongs. That feeling can't be expressed by money.

365 days a year it is World Animal Day for us

I would love to hear from other DT members doing volunteering work, in whatever area of our society: to get to know the human behind the photographer's face.

Photo credits: , Orion9nl, Tzooka.

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October 07, 2009


Hi Littemacprod....., wow have done more than I have ever done at the shelter ! I discovered that the volunteers working in our shelter are good with animals, but not with the computer. So as I have a full-time job, I can't come everyday or weekend to the shelters, I take pictures of all animals in the shelters, of rehoming sessions, of other news items and put them on their websites. I help with rehoming rabbits and talk to the people.... and often just talk to the rabbits.....haha.. Thanks for replying and that you treat any of your pets with respect!

October 06, 2009


Everyday is animal day at my house. Five cats and one dog demand I treat them as they deserve! I have done volunteer work at the wildlife care center from feeding the orpaned baby birds to putting sun screen on a pig. I cleaned the bunny cages and threw hay in stalls for bedding. It was all very rewarding! Animals rely on people for their protection and care. It is such a small thing to do.

October 06, 2009


haha Rennaesp....I recognize the fear of bringing home more and more animals. I know for sure that if my boyfriend would do this kind of work at the rabbit shelter, we would now share our house with at least 20 of them. Especially the ones which are difficult to rehome (old age, illness). Luckily I am still able to come home without a new rabbit, although I am always tempted, but then I think about all the work/cleaning/going to vet and the grief after loosing your beloved pet.....and that keeps me from doing it - uptill now. LOL

And DMCCALE, maybe your grand paw is right: I come across all kinds of people in the shelter and it goes from youngster with piercings and red hair to families and elderly people. But they all come with one goal: to give an animal a second chance. The ones who don't care.....don't show up in the shelter. So in that sense your grandpaw is right...for both sides :)

and yes....watching alll those bunny pictures makes me smile again. They can be very cheeky animal, just like your dog or cat most probably. And then I remember my own rabbits Puk (the white rabbit on the picture) and Happy who have been with us for more than 8 years.
Puk ruined our carpet, 'killed' the radio by chewing on wires, and Happy ruined a part of the internetcable, wallpaper, etc. ......oh well.....we still loved them.

Thanks for your warm response.

October 06, 2009


Ah I was told by my grand paw,when I was a child."If a person does not like animals, than stay away from them"That may or not be right.For me it has been true.I agree everyday is animal day in my house.I only have one dog now.Just lost my old one.So Miles gets ALL the attention.He needs it.He is grieving like me.I worked with animals in the past and loved it.My Vet wants me to come and take photos for him now.After he saw one of mine in a book.WOW that will be fun!!!
Thanks for your blog
And Hugs to you

October 06, 2009


I would love to volunteer with animals, but I end up bringing more home than I should! I already have five pets as it is... and they are pretty well spoiled 365. I just adore your bunny photos!!

October 05, 2009


LOL=lots of love

October 05, 2009


Orion, YES! We need more people like you to volunteer and help animals who have been abandoned or been displaced from their natural habitats. We (people) do that to them.
I have done volunteer work for an animal shelter and it is very rewarding, not monetary reward but reward for the soul. My pet is a member of my family and as such it is spoiled rotten 365 days a year!

October 05, 2009


You are indeed GOOD PEOPLE! God bless you for your kindness and good will, i wish there were more people like you in our world !!!!!
I, myself, more into street animals feeding business, rewarding indeed, to see healthy and happy animals/birds :-)

October 04, 2009


Cool! it's nice to hear about recuing the rabbit shelter! And I agree that animal day should be 365 a year...
I don't have any voluntary work with animals but it happned that we adapted an abandoned cat. Cheers ;)

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