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As a little child I remember how the world was a mystery. I was born after the revolution in Romania in 1989. I do not know how it was 28 years ago in the world but where I was born things were not very pink, everything was in a shade of gray.

In time, the world began to change for the better, got the color. People have become more attentive in the care of the Earth. I remember that at the age of 14 I enrolled as a volunteer at a foundation where we cleaned parks and planted trees. I still visit the planted tree.

I'm glad Dreamstime has made the assignment about saving the earth.

I am very happy that four pictures have been approved and I want to tell you a few words about each.

Amsterdam bikes

I had the opportunity to go on a visit to the Netherlands, Amsterdam. I was pleasantly surprised to see many bikes. There is no block corner, shop, or terrace where there are some parked bicycles.

An Amsterdam street that gives us an example of how to save the earth. There are over 1 million bicycles in this city.

Masdar city

Traveling I arrived in the Arab Emirates. Near Abu Dhabi there is a town called Masdar. This city is in the middle of the desert and runs alone. I do not know if you figure out the picture but that building has made the entire roof with solar panels. There are wind turbines inside to cool the city. Some kind of air conditioning and a complex turbine that makes the air water.

There you can also find electric cars that drive safely. There is no self or something. The car alone knows when to accelerate, stop, turn and even pass

As I said, the world got color and movement. I can not wait to see what will be done in another 20 years

If you liked the pictures and want to vote in assigment thank you very much. If I do not hope you at least liked my blog.

Photo credits: Axylexu.

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