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Rooney left too soon. Casillas has been defeated. Suárez humiliated England. On this year’s World Cup, we’re almost having a heart attack.

Every four years one of the most important sports events takes place. This year, World Cup is all about colors as it’s happening in beautiful Brazil. We might as well say we have colors and many unpredictable and spectacular moments arising emotions that range from agony to ecstasy.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re watching the game on TV, or you are there, on the stadium, alongside your heroes, it all feels the same: tears, joy, screams, laughter. It feels like every move on that field is yours, that every shoot towards your favorite football player is given to you. Your heart is beating faster, your head is about to explode when your favorite team is fighting for the supreme title.

World Cup is a kind of world’s 9th miracle. More than the game itself, it’s all about emotions, pure, unaltered, unedited emotions that you can capture on your camera.

Fans cheering, yelling, screaming, waving hands, singing national anthems, waving flags, wearing costumes or wearing paint on their faces, everything just to show their support to their teams – they are the people that make World Cup alive.

If you are lucky to be there, at the World Cup, be a real hunter and watch carefully every step they make, whether they are the players running for the ball on the field, the goal keepers, the coaches or the fans in the tribunes.

© Aguina

What happens on the field in those full-of-tension moments is rare and unique and you should be very patient when trying to photograph all the characters and how they’re dealing with the spectacular turnarounds: nervous and preoccupied coaches almost ripping off their costumes’ ties, players preparing to make that glorious corner shoot, some of them looking towards the sky, desperately asking God for a miracle.

If you took a shot when Casillas has been given the second goal, then you probably have one of the World Cup’s most successful pictures. If you took a shot of the moments with players having tears of joy in their eyes, you have a very rare image that might bring you lots of credits … and royalties.

But surprises don’t stop yet. Be there and hunt them.

Photo credits: Aguina, Cosmin Iftode, Katatonia82, Lucila De Avila Castilho.

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June 25, 2014


Ilya, completely agree with you. At World Cup you either enjoy or work;) Crazy WC, really crazy... I saw from the beginning it will be all South American this time:)

June 25, 2014


I suppose you should be either a football fan or a photographer neither both.

June 24, 2014


Everything is changing, many favorites are gone: : England, Spain, Italy, Croatia, (almost) Portugal. Any way we are enjoing.

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