The World of Dragonflies

Bar Winged Skimmer dragonfly Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia

Skimming all throughout the wetlands of the world are the gorgeous dragonflies. They adorn the lakes, ponds, rivers and swamps with their vibrant greens and blues. In the heat of the day, when most of the birds hide and the alligators sink in the cooler waters, the dragonflies are constantly buzzing about.

If your camera’s auto-focus is worthy, and your skill at tracking fast moving critters is even more worthy, you just might catch a flight shot. Not me… for now, I’m happy to get a photograph if one stays on a perch long enough!

Irridescent blue Bar Winged Skimmer dragonfly on Fetterbush branch

Despite their innocent looks, and harmless alighting upon an extended finger, dragonflies are voracious carnivores! In fact, their insectivorous habits gave them the name odonata, which is Greek for “toothed”. And I suppose cannibalism isn’t out of the question, as I have once sat and watched a darner devouring another dragonfly head first. The book Strange Lives of Familiar Insects claims a dragonfly can ingest their own body weight in 30 minutes. That's an appetite!

But in a dog-eat-dog world, sometimes the predator can become prey...

Orbweaver spider eating dragonfly in a web

Photo credits: William Wise.

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August 12, 2020


Great photos.  Minnesota seems to have an abundance of dragonflies this year.  I wonder if they just enter your home state -- Do you become wealthy?  Apparently, distributed in poundage of mosquitos.

August 09, 2020


Well, if they don't bring wealth, they at least eat a lot of mosquitoes! 

August 03, 2020


Wow, Nice pics and Info thanks for sharing. You know In Indian culture some people believes that they bring wealth if they enter your home :)

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