The World (so far) According to Verdelho

This is my first blog post but hopefully not the last.

I’ve decided to progress towards exclusivity with Dreamtime. This is after experimenting with several Microstock agencies for the past few months. Why, you might ask?

I really don’t want to move into the factory produced type of images. I know that this type of image will sell more consistently. But for me it’s more than turning a dollar, quid, or whatever. My photographic interests are landscapes, architectural and travel photography. And herein lies my dilemma.

Many of the most engaging images in my area of interest can’t help but have either people or intellectual property issues. Dreamstime seems a bit more realistic in this regard, particularly it seems with

editorial images. To my mind, editorial images don’t necessarily have to be about a recent or high profile event which seems to be rather restrictive criteria elsewhere. They can also be about images that might prove useful to illustrate articles, books, journals etc years after they were taken – provided always that they are contextually factual (I’m happy to discuss this interpretation). They might be light-on in terms of sales but useful nevertheless.

And Dreamstime has a great forum, they are very consistent with their reject reasons (unlike some agencies) and appear genuinely helpful to contributors. Also, Dreamstime now gives us the ability to upload Raw versions of images. This is not for everybody of course

but I can understand the rationale. I’m sure that some perhaps many designers want to use an image but would prefer to apply a different “tweek” than that applied by the photographer. After all, it’s the designer that knows where he or she needs to use an image. Having the availability of Raw gives them an attractive option.

I feel my endeavours will concentrate more and more on editorial images.

So, there we are. I’d be very grateful for any comments on my strategy and my portfolio. Noting of course that some of my early acceptances are not really what I would call “up there”.

Photo credits: Verdelho.

Your article must be written in English

December 07, 2010


well done some nice shots in your portfolio

December 03, 2010


Thanks Guys

I have to agree with you Gmargitti, although I have no real basis for thinking so. But it seems to me that there must be a need for images that can be sold into the editorial market, and that do not necessarily relate to important, contemporary events. Millions of images are used every week in a non-commercial sense - travel articles, industry publications, text books, newspapers etc. It seems to me that all we are saying by restricting to editorial use is that it must be used in a non-commercial direct sense to illustrate factual content, and that the image must not be manipulated (except for normal process fixes - exposure, contrast etc). So, editorial images may remain useful for years. Many other agencies require that an editorial image relate to a recent and important "event". I think Dreamstime's more reasonable approach may do them well for the future. The example you provide Gmargitti, is an excellent illustration of this.

December 03, 2010


Welcome to DT, i don´t have to much editorial images but i wish you many sales! and perhaps in the future you can share with us your experience in the sale of editorial images!

December 03, 2010


I have good news for you. There are editorial images that sell very well. I am talking about images not related to celebrities or news.
I was trying the waters slowly not get too many rejects and I indeed noticed that if an image is good DT will take it and seems they know what they are doing. For example this: 14790030 (Construction Worker)
 Construction worker 
I do not know why this really works. The simplest explanation would be that DT became paranoid with the releases and refuses any RF where the smallest doubt may arise. On the other hand a designer may be more realistic in his risk/reward estimation and figures that the chances of my construction worker suing are practically nil, especially since his face is not that visible.

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