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Hey, while we're waiting for my Transylvanian pics' process, let's talk a little about enviroment...mmm, not only nature conversation, but a special part of it...do you know, what does it means: world heritage?

UNESCO World Heritage program is to preserve and protect cultural and natural heritage all around the world. Conservation is really important in our world; we sell, we buy; making wrong decisions about nature around us, writing over our history in books...and forget the past and our roots between centuries. UNESCO's World Heritage mission is to encourage and help countries to sign World Heritage Convention, safeguard properties by providing technical and emergency assistance and keep/improve international cooperation for our world's cultural and natural treasures.

What are the benefits of ratifying? As I can see, it is a great advertisement for a country or a region. How cool is that, a town can 'tag' itself, tourists are coming, money is working...of course, it's not only about incomings. A World Heritage Site must spend money for conservation, education and solid improvement of it also. Of course, it becomes with duties and rules also - for example, in Cesky Krumlov, the old castle was under renovation when I've been there. They are allowed to use only original medieval stones and materials.

Do you know, how many World Heritage Sites are in your country? If the answer is not, you can check it here. As I can see, France is the best in Europe... :) Hungary has 8 areas on the list, however we have more interesting and beautiful places...but anyway, the main attractions are there: Caves of Aggtelek, Banks of Danube in Budapest, Hortobágy, Lake Fertő...I'm thinking of a holiday plan for next year, to visit all of them! :)

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Italy has 44!! I think we have the most in Europe!
(wow, this is the most patriotic thing I said this year!!!)


Thank you.
Mani, yes, I checked Portugal, as it's my favourite destination, and I only see a few of Portugal's world heritage...more is wish for future :)


Great colorful pics.


Oh I forgot to mention that Portugal has 13... Cheers ;)


Wow...and I tought 8 is not so good.... :)
However it's a little bit strange, as Malta and New Zeeland is a really unique place...for me :)


Here in New Zealand we have 3. Thanks for sharing :0)


coool! :) here in Malta we have 3! :)) (just checked from your link - thanks for the tip!)


Thank you :)


You're a 5 stars tourist guide ;)
Great shots...
Cheers ;)


As support is not contacted about "Comments are closed issue" during weekend, I simply deleted old post and create it again...seems it's working, but I still don't know the cause of problem...

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