World Pinhole Day

This is just about an interesting aspect of photography. Actually about photography stripped right down to its bare minimum, recording material (film or digital chip), a small opening and light.

Put like that, what is all the fuss surrounding this photography lark anyway?

Honestly, pinhole photographs are probably never going to make it on to DT or any other stock photography site, because they will more often than not be blurred (camera shake due to long exposure time) and too "soft" (no hard edges and very impressionistic in style, and there is really nothing to focus with on the camera). Thus their use for commercial purposes is fairly limited.

But it is intriguing to try and contend with the challenges that photographers must have faced at the origins of this discipline.

Check it out:

Since I don't think there are any pinhole photos on DT and I am obliged to place a DT photo here. This one is a random phot from my portfolio.

Photo credits: Abdul Sami Haqqani.

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April 24, 2010


Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this topic. The rainbow and fountain photo looks great.

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