Worldwide PhotoWalk on July 18th 2009

© Paha_l
Have you heard about it?!?

A little while ago Scott Kelby's announced his Second Annual Worldwide Photo Walk.

The official PhotoWalk day is Saturday, July 18th 2009.

There are hundreds of cities around the world which have scheduled PhotoWalks.

The idea is just to go out and shoot, and have a lot of fun with fellow photographers.

On the PhotoWalk site:, you can check out the nearest location for you. Or you can also volunteer to lead your own photowalk.

The best of the Photowalk 2008

Let's have a stockowalk! ;)

© Drx

Photo credits: Wessel Cirkel, Drx, Pavel Losevsky, Sang Lei, Vladimir Volkov, Zoom-zoom.

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Neat!!! Thanks for letting us know!


Good idea! Thanks for the info, Maigi. Wonder if I'll be able to do it...there are some around me but the one I want to go to is a bit of a drive.


Thank you. We have one here in my city. This should be fun. Thanks again.


My nearest walk is oversea, in the neighboring country. :( But I thought I still could "participate" on my own on that day, in my hometown. Maybe I manage talk some of my friends in. But still it's the fascinating idea to think that there are lots of photographers out all around the world on that day. :)


Great idea, and some amazing photos from 2008. My local photo walk is already filled to capacity, although I could volunteer to host my own walk I feel the time is too short to arrange everything necessary. I will keep this site in my faved and check in for next years walk.

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