The worst...

Girl jumping on the World

When I'm going to draw images for Dt I always try to make something I like, and at the same time something that buyers will like. Useful illustrations, trying to enjoy myself and sell well.

Sometimes I reach the goal, and sometimes really not.

Globe on fire with flames

I care about ecology, I like nature, wild animals and good lifestyles.

So I have created images with our planet earth, thinking about how to illustrate an article about environment or global warming.

I have drawn these images just for Dt, and they have now zero downloads.

They are today some of my worst sellers.

I don't know why, maybe they are too simple, or Dt has a lot of planet earth images better than mines. Don't know, I think these are not the worst illustrations in my portfolio but this is the game. :)

Yesterday I had rewrite the keywords, maybe that is the problem.

And if not, well, if they didn't sell I simply will draw something else.

A good lesson after all. ;)

Earth in gift box

Photo credits: Carla Francesca Castagno.
Carla Francesca Castagno
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  • Koratcn
  • Manta, Italy
I'm a freelance illustrator with more than 20 years of experience. I live and work in Italy for publishers and companies of all over the world.
I've illustrated more than 60 published books.
As a photographer I'm working on some new kind of photos: thermic images.

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February 11, 2011

Thanks Onime, surely I keep my spirit because I have a lot of fun in creating images for Dt!


February 10, 2011

keep your spirit & make a new creation.. you are one of my favourite artist afterall ;)


February 07, 2011

Thank You for sharing your knowledgeable thoughts & your artistic talent.
I appreciate very much, Vickie


February 04, 2011

Yes, unfortunately we can't know which images really sell or not, we can only continue to draw because we love create ours images. :)


February 03, 2011

Unfortunatly a few people are thinking about this problem. I hope people who save our earth will be more and your works will be more populate.
I like your illustrations! They are really kindly and cute!


February 03, 2011

Very good ilustration! Compliments!


February 03, 2011

I like your illustrations!


February 03, 2011

Thank you guys :)
I'm not upset, I'm just trying to improve my work :)
I like making image for Dt, so even if some of theme didn't sell, I will draw and draw more and more again :)


February 02, 2011

Your work is good... Have patience, I went to see some more of your images and you're doing great.


February 02, 2011

Much as I don´t know any about drawings I find your´s great. It also happens to me that some wildlife photographies which show dramatic moments of animal behavior are not sold at all while others which are frankly boring and which I thought would not even pass the eyes of the DT editors are sold several times..


February 02, 2011

Your illustrations look great! Maybe you should change the keywords or something....I don`t know what they son`t sell! Sorry! :)


February 02, 2011

Buorgioni Carla, your illustrations are lovely.
Personally, I feel that it is more important to be yourself. Create with your inner vision ... as Sting the famous musician once said in his early days with Police, "i create for me first, ... and the fans and money follow. it does not work the other way around".
Bjorn Born, Monica Seles,etc.. great tennis champions... all said the same thing , "work at the sport... the competition and money take care of themselves".

You can make money with your work everywhere. Not just on microstock.

It is a business, true, but also, the best business people enjoy their business. If not, one day you will not want to get out of bed to earn your living with your work if you only base your success on whether it will sell or not sell just on microstock.
The masters of painting never wake up and say, "ok, I have to paint xxx or xxx because I want to sell this painting".
If that is so, it would be safer and surer to toss burgers, or squeegee cars at the traffic light. you make a lot more money in one hour than one year on microstock , lol.

Create for yourself, let the sales follow you. .. and not vice versa.

In a business with 16 million images to compete with, you don't need 16 million reasons to quit.


February 02, 2011

Your illustrations are so nice! Unfortunately you never know what buyers of this subject might like!
I have the same issue with my favorite about Bio Food! No sales!
Well as you said I will jump to another subject! :)

 Go Bio Food