Worth the wait

This is for all of you DT newbies that are wondering if all of this is actually worth it. When you first start out you upload image after image only to watch your acceptance ratio tank while you try to figure out what the editors will accept. You may start to get a sale or two but nothing you can put in the bank. So you have to dig deep in order to keep forward momentum and not just forget about micro stock all together.

To say that there are ups and downs in this industry is an understatement. When I look at my month to month stats it looks like the Swiss Alps with lots of very high peaks and very low valleys. If, however, I switch to the quarterly stats the picture is much different. I can see quarter to quarter growth in both sales and revenue. Even knowing that the quarterly stats tell me that I am making progress it is hard to keep your spirits up after a bad month.

December 2011 was my last bad month. I say bad month but that is because my perspective has changed. What I would have considered a great month 2 years ago now becomes my low point. Following December I had a better January and February and now a really great March. Just 4 days in and I have beat my revenue figures from December and February. My acceptance ratio is at 100% for the month and I have had 9 sales, which is by best start ever for month.

Now the best part of this month and the reason for this blog is the sale that I had today.

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This is one of the first silhouettes that I ever did about a year and a half ago. It had some views but no sales and I had pretty much written this one off and had even considered sending it to the free section. Then today someone purchased it, with credits to boot.

So for all of you DT newbies out there, do not give up. Keep submitting images and your sales and revenue will increase. The guys and gals making money in micro stock are the ones that did not give up and continued to put up images not matter what. Sure we may have it a little harder today as there is much more competition that there was 5 years ago but there is still a piece of the pie for us. Just because an image does not sell right after it gets accepted by the editors does not mean anything. You have to remember that you can have the best image of all time but if there is no buyer looking for that image there will be no sale. I have been at this for 2 years and I am starting to get sales on images that have been in my portfolio for a year or more with out any sales.

Today is a very gloomy day where I live. It is cold and raining but this sale has made it a very wonderful day. For me this was worth the wait

Good luck to all.



Your article must be written in English

March 30, 2012


thank you for your encouragement! I am a complete noob, and so its nice to hear that its a big picture perspective, not a day to day thing!

March 17, 2012



March 10, 2012


I feel like a newbie and your words make me optimist for the future. Thank you

March 09, 2012


Thanks for sharing, Yes, you are right, never give up! :-)

March 06, 2012


Yes, some days / months can be pretty depressing but some others are great and it's nice to see an upward trend year after year - not always the case, though from what I hear, because of harsh price and photo competition. It's a nice feeling when an old photo sells, it shows that the search engine is functional and pushes forward not only the best sellers but less successful images too.

March 05, 2012


Yes, you need to be persistent, but eventually it pays off, and it takes less time than you think! I agree with you that competition is tougher now, but also there are more buyers, microstock is skyrocketing, so, in the end, sales are still increasing.

March 05, 2012


Thank you! You have been very kind! I will certainly do my best - there is a line of my images waiting for a review, so I am hoping to expand my portfolio soon :-)

March 05, 2012


Ewapix, You have some great photos in for portfolio. You just need to increase the number and variety of photos and your sales will pick up.

March 05, 2012


Well, it did cheer me up and gave me some hope. I have almost given up on Dreamstime.

March 05, 2012


Really nice picture. May you have more happy days like this.

March 05, 2012


Well written article! It gives hope and motivation.

March 04, 2012


you are right but I still wait for that moment:)

March 04, 2012


I had the same experience as you two years ago... Now in the last 14 months I got sales for $2,000.

March 04, 2012


Yep! I agree as well!

March 04, 2012


Your are right!

March 04, 2012


I totally agree with you :) It's always about moving on - and it's the same in any domain (if you feel it's the right one for you).

And btw, AMAZING image, I love it! I hope it'll bring you many sales from now on!

March 04, 2012


I see the light that you talk about at the horizon .... :) Beginning is always hard, so we just need to learn and keep up uploading.

March 04, 2012


and i agree

March 04, 2012


I can only say that what you say is RIGHT!

March 04, 2012


I also agree the start was very rocky and looking back it is a miracle my first image was accepted [ it shouldnt have been ] ............ but I had been introduced to microstock by a photographer making £480 in the month I met him so was very determined to emulate him. Another very important point is that Editor's feedback is like that of a tutor in a College or University.......... but in this case there are no course fees. It is in effect a photographic course free and without entrance qualification beyond requiring perseverence. David.

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