Wouldn' it be nice.....?

Would't it be nice for contributors if they would't know for what purpose a picture is downloaded? I would really appreciate if I would know in what magazine, book, paper, website or whatever a photo of me is used.

Would't it be nice for the photographer if DT creates a possibility for the buyer/designer to let him know why/for what purpose he or she downloaded and used the picture? Of course that would be no obligation only a possibilty.

I think contributors would really appreciate that.

What's your opinion?

Photo credits: Edwardje.

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September 09, 2009


Yes, it would be nice, or at least if DT users recognize other creations on market so the lucky one can find about it in a separate blog (eg." DT downloads in action").

September 08, 2009


Yes but if its used in a magazine does it only cost a few cents ? If I sell a magazine cover shot its £50 or more paid to me ! I still dont understand a lot about this DT form of selling. also I see 20 students in one image. Do they all have to sign model release papers ? What a lot of trouble unless the image sells outright ! David.

September 08, 2009


Could be great, but no obligations I agree. Cheers!

September 08, 2009


Buyers can already leave comments on an image, and are given the suggestion on purchase, but as discussed many times it takes a lot of time and in many cases the buyers are buying several images from which a final selection will be done. I have had a few images purchased where the buyer told me the final use... It is nice when you find out, though!

September 08, 2009


I would like to know also. Just for congratulate and see my image in use...

September 08, 2009


Interesting idea, but I don't know if it could be possible...bye

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