Wow factor - Film lenses with adapters on digital cameras

I got my first film lens to digital camera adapter in 2012, when I received a Minolta lens as a gift. I work with a Canon 7D. My daughter, a wedding photographer, told me about using an adapter. They aren’t expensive, so I gave it a try. The adaptor fits between your camera and the film lens.

Cottonwood leaves

I’m glad I decided to take the risk and invest in an adapter - which sell for $30-$50 on

Fotodiox adapter

Since that time, I picked up a Canon A1 at a garage sale, and it included 3 old film lenses. I purchased as second adapter for the Canon lenses. I simply fell in love with the 50mm 1.4.

While I found that they don’t have the quality needed for stock images for wide-angle shots, they do a superior job for macro and closeup. The layers of tones seem to be richer and in greater quantity than with modern lenses. I can literally spend hours playing with them.

Keep in mind that while your camera will know there’s a lens attached, you lose all auto focus options and are forced to work in manual mode. I found this to be an advantage, as I tried various ISO and shutter speed settings.

Also included in the A1 kit was a macro filter. How fun is this?

Nature background bud blurs

Nature background bud blurs extreme closeup

Christmas ornaments background, silver tones

Dewberry leaves in winter

Sage leaf herb background low key

Photo credits: Tamara Lee Harding.
Tamara Lee Harding
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February 13, 2017

Good to know. I have wondered about it too. Thanks for the examples.


February 12, 2017

great you can also do that with extension tubes i have a telefoto lens and when i add the tubes i can see wonders specially in bugs


February 11, 2017

great images


February 10, 2017



February 10, 2017

Nice images...


February 09, 2017

thank you!


February 09, 2017

nice pictures :)