The WOW factor step one-consider your subject

I am excited to be taking my first online photography class with Jim Zuckerman and better The class I chose is 8 steps to more dramatic photography. Our first lesson was on selecting great subjects. And the assignment? Submit examples of great subjects paired with similar subjects that are not so great.

It sounded deceptively simple, but when I closely reviewed the assignment and the lesson, I had difficulty determining what makes a great subject great. I used some photos from my trip to Colorado last week. It was hard for me to decide which subjects were great without considering lighting, composition,etc.

Here is an example of the type of thought process I went through using some photos that DT has already accepted. if the Colorado picutres pass muster, I will share them later.

Both pictures are outdoors tourist attractions.

Thie pyramid is OK..There is nothing wrong with it technically and it was attractive enough to get accepted by DT and get some views.

But the covered bridge seems much better to me. I like the composition better, but the subject itself is also more colorful and set in a location that allowed the more dramatic composition with the walkway leading the eye into the picture.

So while it's definitely true that other factors come into play to make a successful image, consider your subject carefully to give yourself an edge in creating your next great photo.

What to consider when choosing your subject? Jim suggests that you look for strong graphic appeal, good color, something visually arresting and/or something most people don't notice. This sounds quite simple, but it's in comparing examples of good and better subjects (his photography) or not-so-good and better subjects (my photography) that real learning takes place. As in so much of what we do, there is a clear continuum and always room to improve.

What are your favorite subjects and why?

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Photo credits: Cjh Photography Llc.

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September 12, 2012


Storm photography has always been my favorite subject. I grew up in the midwest and have always had a fascination with the subject.

I don't really have a interest in taking photos of people because I could never compete with the images already available.

September 11, 2012


Interesting, I always thought people pictures were preferred. I struggle with the whole model release things, so all mine that include people are editorial.

September 11, 2012


I think I do not have a favorite subect but i definitely make more pictures without people than with them) I think it is a week point of my portfolio up to date.

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