Wow, I found one of my images online!

Over the weekend I decided to search to see if I could find where any of my images went after they were downloaded. I didn't hold much hope cos' I've only sold 12 but I forgot about my free image. It has been downloaded 321 times. I found my free image on a book cover here.

My main goal has always been to get one of my images into a book. I love reading and like the idea that my pictures will live on after I've gone.

Now I need to rethink my goals and work toward something else. Cd album art? Who knows.

Keep looking for your work, you never know where it might turn up. (I found mine using my real name not 'wildmac' so it probably pays to try both)

Have a great day everyone :0)

PS. Thank you to the person that picked my image for the cover, you've really made my day :0)

Photo credits: Wildmac.

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Congratulations! I'm happy for you!


This is great news. A book cover. You are giving me incentive to
start googling around for my images:) I'd love to hear what your
new goal is, once you figure it out.


Thank you everybody :0)


this must be so wonderful for you.
since i started in micro stock, i 've read of how many have done the same to locate their bought images.
i've never succeeded to find any of mine from DT or any other stock sites i belong .
must be that most of my buyers are from Venus, or Mercury, lol

seriously, congrats.


That is great!!


Thanks Sergey! I was very lucky to find this image because I don't have very many sales either. I googled my real name and then looked through everything that came up. Because I talk a lot on the message boards there was a lot to look through. Hope this helps you to find some of yours :0)


Congratulations! But as did you find him? For me though and very little sales, but it would be very desirable to find it. Does do can there is some method of search?


Congratulations! So far Ive found 3 of my images in use ;D Two in text books and one in a newspaper article :D


Congratullations!you are lucky!
I am ready to try to look for my image:)


Congratulations :) what a thrill when you find one of your images, can't wait till i come across one of mine :)


Thank you everyone for your support. It's talking to you guys and reading your blogs and jokes that make going to work (DT) fun :0)




:) congratulations dude...


wonderful for you. :)


That's great, Carolyne! I know the feeling of finding your image in use is awesome! Hope will find out more and more :)


Great! but, it would be nice for the user that uploads to see when they are viewed and downloaded, like the rest of the pic. Just a sugestion for admin :)




Oh yes Carolyne that time when I said GRRRRRRR to Maigi :P


Hey, Carolyne! That's so great! Congratulations!!!! So, you didn't have to wait sooo long at all... :))


Great feeling I have found a few also




Congratullations...Still searching for mine.


Thats great, still need to find one of mine online.


Yep I've been trying to find one of mine but haven't managed yet.

welldone though!! it's a very good capture!


Thanks Everyone :0)
Mani - I think Maigi was right about needing to sell hundreds to find just one. I wouldn't have found any if it weren't for the free one.

Thanks Halient, I read that too in the info about free images. If they want to print more they need to get the extended license whereas if they had just bought the image they could print 500k before they needed the extra license.


Congrats but you know that if they distribute more then 10k of this book they are breaking the license agreement


I found that two images of mine had been used in books for children. One on weather made the cover of the book and another was in a book on airplanes.

I sent a polite email to the publisher requesting a complimentary copy and received copies of both.


Hi Carolyne, Great photo and great cover! Congratulations! Cheers, Marilyn


Congratulations, good find, great image!


Hey Carolyne that is so good!!
Specially that you have a small portfolio and little sales like mine!
I haven't find any of mine still :(

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