WOW I have database exposure!!!!

Just before I start this quick blog article sitting here safe in my home in England I want to send out my thoughts to those currently being affected by the earthquake and tsunami hitting Japan and surrounding areas. I really hope we do not see the great loss of life we did on Boxing Day 2004.

So I have hit a milestone this week with 500 pictures online. I only really started making an effort in April 2010 so managed to get them on over the last 11 months. Still nowhere near to being a prolific uploader but gaining knowledge and experience in this field.

So today I noticed on my statistics page that where all my previous months show 0.00% under database exposure that as of this month my database exposure has rocketed to 0.01%, I feel very humbled by this monumental achievement and feel great that I'm now even more exposed :-)

I should also see my 500 sale this month so will include this achievement here as well :-)

Again as the news is on th TV and I see what's happening in Japan it really does make all of this feel very insignificant.

So this is what I have achieved in 11 months and hope to try and increase this by 50% over the next year. I have started to shoot a few models and I'm enjoying this fields so would also like to share a couple of pictures of my latest works.

Happy snapping everyone.

Brett, UK.

P.S I'm finding it helps to keep practising your photoshop skills to run alongside you photography skill base.

Photo credits: Brett Critchley.

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Congrqrats on your exposure! That sounds a little twisted! Giggle I appreciate this since I found this blog by searching the web for help on how to get exposure on DT! I've just started uploading stock this year. I know it all starts out slow, but I've had 3 sell on ******** and have had so sales here yet, so I was wondering if it was because of this exposure thing on DT.
This makes me feel better! :)
Love these images! Love the image in the middle, I can see that expression being used for all sorts of things! Best wishes!


Congratulations! fine collection


Great photos!


Thanks :-)


Brad, good grief! I can`t believe that you are only at 0.03%. That`s a bit depressing for me, I`ll probably be 90 years old before I get there at the rate I`m going!

:) It is the trend that is most important. If you go to the statistics graph and turn off all lines except the database exposure you get a pretty useful graph that shows if you are still going up against the database. You just have to look past the tiny percentage numbers!


Thanks all and congrat's Gheburaseye but you will need a few more uploads to catch me as I'm at 522 now :-) Race you to a 1000 ;-)


So do I :) but I have 5 image more than you U_U


Brad, good grief! I can't believe that you are only at 0.03%. That's a bit depressing for me, I'll probably be 90 years old before I get there at the rate I'm going!


Congrats - it sure takes a long time to bump up each 0.01%! I finally made it to 0.03% this week...


congrats :)


Fine collection! Successful growth to you!




Well done!!


Congratulations! Your baby girl have priceless expressions. :)) Beautiful! Good luck with your images!


500? OMG, I need tu hurry, you coming really fast man! Looking forward to see your new models, too. And 80 guessed correctly?!! You rulz!


thats awesome congrats i love the baby photographs


Wow, congratulations


oooh! I am messinging you now! :)


Thanks everyone and Calyx22 yes it did take a while although it was still easier than I thought. Something I tried a few years ago with no luck but now using CS5 it's not that hard. :-)


Woohoo! congratulations from a fellow .01% er! I love the baby in color, she's just such a cutie! And your bare tree is really nice. Did you do all of that with selections? Did it just take forever??




congrats and nice pic


Yep, that .01% is the biggest badge of honor there is. :-)


Congratulations on yet another milestone:) Continued successes!


You have realy great pictures. I love the pictures, you have done at nigth...


Congratulations... I hope to soon get 0.01% as you...


Great photos!! congrats!


Great images, Congratulations !


love and peace to all effected by the disaster thanks for the blog and good luck


Thanks and Thanatonautii least Japan is probably the most prepared country in the world for this but it really is moving fast and looks horrific, it's still very early on I guess to see the whole picture.

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