Wow! What A Journey!

2 years back in September 2006, I was with no work. My music business was down and pathetic. Though I was having a decent income, there was not much work to do. I used to run a cybercafe which I had stopped, but all that experience had given me a good knowledge of the internet. One day in frustration I was searching for freebies on the net, when I stumbled upon dreamstime. With no idea about photography (knowing stock photography was out of question), I joined in thinking its easy money. 2 years down the line I know it isn't easy money but at the same time it delivers the $$ if you give quality. Maintaining that quality and promise, I set targets improving not just my photography but also knowledge of stock photography buyers, and finally hit my targets.

Though I was delayed by a months time. I hit my target. The Target?

Online Files : 3000

Total Sales : 5000

I had my humble beginning on DT with my first camera a Canon A410 - 3.2 MP. After a year a Canon S3IS and now a Canon Rebel Xsi / 450D . Though my camera's improved, what I feel improved was my knowledge about what buyers buy and what they don't. It really feels great to have achieved this small target not being a professional photographer. Especially from my earnings here I could upgrade my photography gear and also have some extra cash to spend in real life.Good enough to inspire me to shoot better pictures and have more records done.

Also, just a search on all microstock sites on the web for Indian photographers led me to a conclusion that I am the No.1 Individual Photographer from India with largest portfolio and sales. (I am not talking about designers). I saw that some companies which have a team of photographers are quite close to where I am, but they are not individual. So I am kind of happy with that achievement too. Now I am doing great on the musical front too. Finally the struggle was worth it! Thanks to Dreamstime for leading me to the wonderful world of stock photography.

I look forward for a great business ahead for myself and everyone here with one advice - "Don't take stock photography lightly. If you are serious about it, it is serious money!!"



Photo credits: , Nikhil Gangavane.

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Thank you everyone :) I hope everyone works hard now and gets a lot of success!


Hey Nikhil, super achievement, and a nice story and motivation factor, yeah that's the bottom line, don't take any profession for granted, be serious and it will reward. Well even I'm from India but the saddest thing is I don't have a single image about India, coz I live in Dubai.


Wow! wonderful achievment! keep on the good work :-)


Congrats. Thanks for your words of encouragement.


What a wonderful story of determination and personal triumph, Congratulations on your success and amazing portfolio. Keep up the good work.


Great to have you here, Nikhil! You have a good eye for candid shots. When I wanted to know, how life looks like in India, I browsed your photos and I think it gave a pretty honest view on every walks of life there. Keep up your good work with your wonderful spirit! Congrats on your milestones!


Congratulations!!! I am just starting out, but hope to learn a lot and improve my skills!


Great success story! Congratulations on the work so far!


Well deserved is your success, and your story is inspirational. Many thanks for sharing.


Keep up the good work...great achievement!


5000 sales. That's what I have in a lifetime, glad someone cracked the DT code.


Really nice story! You have great success! I also started stock as a game but now I feel myself a real player in it! All the best!


Congratulations and wish you more success,you have a great portfolio!


Fantastic achievement, well done.


Congrats on your success. Nice story, very motivating. Ty.


Congrats on your success and your portfolio. I totally agree that like anything in life, you get more out of something if you put more into it!

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