Writing helpful discriptions

I was curious what are the most helpful descriptions to be used for photographs that help increases visitors or sales. How does it vary from the title and keywords? What information and how much to use?


Sunset Beach Indonesia

Photo credits: John Pavlish.
John Pavlish
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  • Sandy, United States
In December 2006, I was a senior at MIT trying to finish my final grades before the winter break. A small complication from a common cold escalated into a hemorrhage stroke that nearly took my life. The stroke had taken away my language and right peripheral vision. There was a point I could not even read and write.

After 18 months of rehabilitation, I reenrolled back into MIT and was able to complete my bachelors degree in material science and engineering. The graduation was such an accomplishment for me, not just simply for completing my studies, but that I could actually return to a normal life. The one thing I wanted for my graduation gift was a camera to capture my life experience. The small point and shoot camera expanded into a love. Ever since my commitment, I had love photography.

Photography allows me to see the world that I almost never say and how precious life is.

You can read my life story on my personal blog at jpavlish.com. Thank you for visiting my portfolio.

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November 25, 2014

Thanks Martingraf and Perstock for sharing your thoughts! I appreciate it!


November 18, 2014

Hi John! Very interresting subject!
I have been thinking a lot on this. You see, I am also an imagebyer. And what I realize is that the buyer are always looking for a solution. And the solution are not always the obvious.

An example.
[imgl]41106873[/imgl] The mother is supervising... or even monitoring...
In that context would this image be useful in a lot of ways :-)
Great portfolio by the way.


November 14, 2014

I was thinking about the best answer - reckon the best description ist - with which keywords could I find my picture among the thousands of "Sunset over beach" - is Indonesia in this case important - I reckon in this case only if the objekt on the right - not sure what it is - is something typical for that landscape... keywording and titles can be a bit tricky - many of mine were changed after a few months or even years - and suddenly they started selling