Writing a Hot Article at Dreamstime (Tips and Last Trick!)

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Hello everyone!

Today I want to share to every readers about writing an hot, popular or useful article tips. Yes, If you're a writer at Dreamstime (especially newbies), this tips might guide and help you.

1. Select a Perfect Topic

Selecting an perfect article topic maybe hard. You promote your photos at an article but usually your article is not interested to everybody. Select your article topic connected with your surroundings. An example, here! You're will writing on a photo stock blog. Yes, it is, photos! Write a article about like photo. You can check on the blog what's popular tags / topics.

2. Give an Attention at Spelling, Punctuation and Talking Style

Everyone here is your friends and a candidate to buying your photos, is it wrong? Write as you're talking with your best friend. Talk with respectful and happily. Give an attention when writing. Everybody will read the same article, they if satisfied with your article, they'll comment or share with their friends.

3. No Sale, No Force

If you didn't had a sale a long time, don't force anybody for buying your photos. This can make you out of society / they'll classify it as spam. If you want to promote, just promote. Don't force anytime.

4. Give an Example

Giving an example is too important when you're explaining. Because giving an example is providing answers to readers and they'll feel "solved question" happiness. And (as you can figure out), they can leave a comment or share to society.

5. The Essence

There's a proverb on Turkey community, "Az konuş öz konuş". It means, "Talk short, talk the extract". (Maybe I couldn't explained it, sorry. I didn't know English too much.) You may write shorter and more meaningful. If you write longer, readers can feel boring when reading and they may skip the long part.

6. Add Some Photos to Article

You may add some photos to article for readers to enjoy the article "taste". They can more satisfied with this. This is a chance to get your photo sold.

7. Tags

Provide the most important keyword in the article as tags. This will be easier for be found as reader.

8. And The Title!

The title is the most reason for the article get higher read times. The title must be attractive to everyone surfing on the blog. They will open the article with this question; "What's out there?".

If you applied this tips to your article, you'll receive more than 50 read times. No reads? Maybe I forgot the last trick. Where is it? Oh, no! I forgot it in my mind. Wait me here... There is it! Solution? Here we go!

Last Trick : On The Go!

Do you noticed that the RSS not reload on weekends? If not, here's a info. They reload for the last time in the week at Friday (I estimate at the night - US timezone) Because it, if you can, publish your article on 12 - 6 PM (US timezone) -Thursday- that your article will on the "Latest Articles" section for 3 days! (Monday included sometimes) There's a chance for getting more reads likely.

An example, my article " National Camera Day! (And Every First in Photography)" had a 600 reads in only 2 days. (You can take a look) Yes, it's true. So, keep trying everyone.

Don't forget; coming up at Thursday / Friday on "Latest Articles" : Getting an Portfolio Exposure at Dreamstime (Tips!)

For the readers; please leave a comment, tick this article as useful or share with your friends. Let this article get reached to everyone where they can have an another knowledge.

Thanks for reading my friends!

Best regards,

- Muhlis Gürsoy-

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Photo credits: , Alexskopje.

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July 12, 2017


Thanks for warning, I'll change it now.

July 11, 2017


BTW, following your own advice: Writing an Hot Article...

It's Writing "A" hot article not "an..."

July 11, 2017


Thanks for comment!

July 11, 2017


Nice share... tks

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