Xi Di

It has been nearly 1 and a half year since we came back from XiDi and HongCun, but images of those white walls, black roofs are still vivid in my mind.

XiDi is similar as Hongcun but it has it's own characteristic, it is famous of its 'Paifang'. Paifang was built for those people who had become a minister or a big officer in the royal government.

© Xuujie

There used to be 13 Paifang but now there is only one left . The reason why the other 12 Paifang are destroyed is because during "The Great Cultural Revolution" period, those old buildings must be destroyed . Then the next question is why is there still one remaining? The reason is the destroyers wanted the remaining one to serve as a negative material to educate the people .

© Xuujie
© Xuujie

Look at those lions, they are different from the stone carving lions that we normally see. Can you tell the difference? Yes, the pose of these lions are different with normal ones , their head are in a lower position ,like they are dashing from hill. the usual lions that we commonly see are those in sitting positions. These carvings are very rare in China too .

Photo credits: Jie Xu.

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February 26, 2008


History building:)

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