Xmas break or not

It's strange, in my line of work. And I suppose yours too, that the coming Xms holidays to me often sparks a blast of shooting and creativity that brings more and more work with me once I get to the office.

I find the freedom to just shoot my own things, my family, my surroundings (I'll be traveling through some remote and beautiful parts of South AFrica to some family) makes me trigger happy to the extreme. Nevermind that I am a commercial photographer, because it seems the freedom to just take pics of anything makes me even more a photographer than doing it for a living.

I love shooting. My wife kids and I took an hour train trip to Simon's Town on Saturday and I came back with 150 images of us on the train. Hehe.

I've ranted and raved about the benefit of this career, but man, you gotta admit... it is pretty cool to even WANT to keep on doing what you do in increased amounts when you're on holiday. Thomas Edison I believe suggested that if you enjoy your work you won't work a day in your life. I agree.

Now for Xmas.... what am I going to shoot?

Photo credits: Danie Nel.

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December 04, 2009


hmmm the food too! :)) and the smiles that you're going to see

December 04, 2009


Just relax and have fun over the festive season, you may be amazed at what images come out of this period that can sell even though not set up as commercial style images. Happy holidays.

December 04, 2009


I agree, I think Ill shoot people at bbq's, as we're in the southern hemisphere and we have summer Xmas, but then again...who'll want to buy? I think I'll just shoot what I like. I think I'll get away from commercial shooting and shoot for myself. For my "art".

December 03, 2009


Please don't shoot a bunch of ornaments up close with some garland behind. It's been done. I think we all need to get really creative with our "Christmas - themed" images.

December 03, 2009


Already did that....

December 03, 2009


You will shoot your Christmas tree, Danie ...and Santa, of course

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