Xmas time is almost coming. When I was young I loved this period in a particular way, because I felt something beautiful grew in my heart. Childhood is a very magical period of our lives, but often we forget that magic. When we grow old our feelings change and we see everything in a different way…sometimes (or rarely) we are able to feel the magic in our days.

This period is very complicated for me: gifts to buy, holidays to project, greeting card to write and send…in a manner of speaking Christmas is, for me, a second job but the payment of this work is the “money of heart”: love and happiness!

I started to think about Christmas holiday after my birthday, in September and now I’ve almost finished to prepare everything. (the images present here are only a part of the illustration I’ve sent).

Also here in dreamstime I’ve almost finished to send my illustration and I’m very happy to see that my favourites ones was accepted. At the and of the new week I finished to send every illustration about this holiday…

Now I’m listening X Japan’s “silent jealousy”: this song remind me that I have to think about some interesting illustration about St. Valentine’s day. Eh eh eh…this isn’t my favourite holiday…but work is work! So let’s work 

Ciao, G.E.

Photo credits: Gheburaseye.

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