Yachts, Yachts, and Yachts.

This past two weeks has been a great week, Two boat show in UAE, one the regular Dubai International Boat Show, where I had an opportunity to meet and picture the Ruler of Dubai. (please check my latest editorial picture) And just today been to a Abu Dhabi Super Yachts show. It was really a treat to watch these boats up and close. getting inside these massive yachts and speaking to the people behind these massive creations and beauty was really a great feeling.

And plenty of opportunities to picture those magnificent yachts, and boats up and close. here are the few images which was submitted and approved by DT, still few is under review. I had spent lot of time cutting out the people and background and create clipping path. Few got rejected which hurts when spent lot of time cutting and adjusting. But no hard feelings. Here are some of the pictures of yachts, and please note most of them have clipping path.

Photo credits: Creativei.

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Thanks to everyone for your comments. , Toneimage, Dubai is just a state of UAE, but yeah very luxurious. Fultonsphoto, there are some more I need to clean up and upload.


Ahhh, finally we get to see these images you told me about, wonderful photos my friend, I wish them many sales.


haha, these beautiful masterpieces let me think of the movie Titanic: a highly yearning boat and an very admiring love.


luxurious yacht and luxurious country as I know Dubai is, right?
great shot and hard work also.


Lingong, I guess next boat show is in China???


Nice shot!
Very attractive, also very luxurious yacht!


Dear Macdaddy, thanks for the comments, its the 38 meters massive luxurious Yacht. One of the crowd puller in Dubai Boat Show.

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