yae 30 uploads this month

After getting my interest back in shooting stock i have set a personal milestone this month. Until now I have submitted just a few images a month depending on my mood.

Without further ramblings here it is

Row of Veggies

And 7 more to go for 100 total

Photo credits: EmeraldUmbrellaStudio.
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  • EmeraldUmbrellaStudio
I have grown to find beauty in a lot of things, I have a love for everything from the old and tarnished to the modern shiny and strange with a particular love for glass and beautiful landscapes. Most of my stock comes from everyday life and that includes ShopEmeraldUmbrella.com items which are alot of my more unique props. 2015 will be a year of strange and cool with a few adventures & misadventures along the way. Not everything that I shoot makes it to stock so feel free to watch at http://www.EmeraldUmbrellaStudio.com If you have any sort of comment or criticism or requests feel free to comment on one of my images.

Thank you for reading & have a wonderful year.


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Congratulations! Keep uploading and you will reach 100 soon!


thanks for all of the encouragement, I just picked up a 18-105 vr about an hour ago so i now have a good walk around that doesn't need a tripod so more to come




Congrats, nice new images too! Good luck with them!


Good job!


wooohooo brilliant!!