Yae New Lens

Today was a good day, I ordered some glass about 2 weeks ago and the first of it arrived today. it is a Tamron 75-300mm A/F I checked it against my 55-200 Nikkor and this is not only a ton faster but also sharper.

I cant wait till my 105mm Macro and 10.5mm get here yes they are both nikkor.

Photo credits: EmeraldUmbrellaStudio.


happy lens new

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May 14, 2009


I picked up my 55-200vr for $100us on Craigslist

May 14, 2009


that tamrons gotta be good, id say the 55-200 vr is a killer for its price (well i somehow managed to get it new last year for £136ish :D)

May 13, 2009



May 12, 2009


I cant wait till I get my 105

May 12, 2009


Good new, use it well. Waiting to see your shots with it.

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