Yalova, city of Turkey

I've worked as hard as I could all my life. I wasn't a photographer nor an illustrator in the past - never went to school and learned everything by myself. No one did a favor to me, no one helped. I'm lucky that I have my parents who supported me on my passions as much as they can even when they broke - they never tried to suppress except my idea of being a rock guitarist which was futile in a country like mine anyway.

Here in Turkey if you are a visitor they don't care you taking photographs - if you are local they give you the looks, sometimes they ridicule when you passing by with a camera on your hand, ignorant and superficial young women covering their faces even when your camera hanging on your side because they think they looking amazing and worth photographing. Turkey is a weird country just like its name and the architecture is not so great either - only few historic buildings in Istanbul was fine but also over-visited, over-photographed, over-seen. The small town I'm living has a few important landmarks.

Lovers Bridge In Soft Evening

Lovers Bridge of the Yalova City of Turkey is one of the important modern landmarks. This modern designed suspension bridge founded as a symbol of the 1999 great earthquake took place in bottom of Marmara sea and affected Yalova city directly. Yalova city pulling itself together since the disaster with urban renewal projects, founding universities and building modern architecture.

Another and the only historic landmark of Yalova city is Moving Kiosk which is interesting by its story.

The Moving Kiosk

The Moving Kiosk symbolizes Ataturk's love to nature. The building was skidded for 4 meters 80 centimeters on rails by Ataturk's request in order to not to cut down the branches of the old oak tree next to it. That even inspired the name of Yalova city of country Turkey's less known historical landmark which is today open to the public for visit as a historic memorial.

The Moving Kiosk Of Ataturk

None of my images created by luck or chance - I'm always out there chasing the light as long as I can. I'm always giving it my best to get the most out from what I have, not just photography itself but also from the place I'm living. I wish I could take photographs in Paris, Madrid, Venice, Tokyo, Singapore and Monaco. But for now I'm limited with the places I'm living and what they offering.

Photo credits: Kerem Gogus.

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Well done, nice job. Congratulations!


Well, I think you've done a nice job with what you have to work with. Every place has it's beauty. Some just take a little more work finding.

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