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Yeah... I Burnt it... =

When my husband and I first moved in together about two years ago, I bought some new stove burner covers. They were black. They looked very nice. ... at one time.

I've always been a little "touched," as some people call it -- I have a tendency to be absentminded, even more so when something is on my mind.

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Cooking is one of the domestic activities I picked up quickly, and rather enjoy. After a rough day at work, it really feels good to chop and shred and cook the life out of something. heehee =)

Morbid imaginations aside, I truly do enjoy cooking. It helps get my mind off of my worries and stressors, and lulls me into a restful evening. The downside is, it doesn't get rid of my absentmindedness. One of the 'lucky' burners was singed a couple of times, and outright burnt a couple more. Why? I don't know. The knobs must have turned themselves on! I swear! (looks the other way)...

Since the black burners weren't exactly in style any more, I put a set of stainless steel burners on our wedding registry list. We've had them for JUST over three weeks (barely, even) and, well ....


... yeah, I burnt one. And the spoon rest that was on it, too. Had 2 or 3 smoke alarms going. =/

Photo credits: Studio Dream.

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September 25, 2007


well, you had no simple day...

September 25, 2007


You can visit my burnt items here: Stove Burner and Spoon Rest.

September 24, 2007


Just in case, you should keep an extinguisher handy. Most nice people have a bit of absentminded stuff going. Keeps ya humble and human.

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