A year in stock... 2009

My first full year of stock has passed, when I think I produced my best images in order to reach my objections:

- 500 images online on Dreamstime

- 1.0 download/image ration (actually 0.98)

- 70% acceptance rate

I've learnt a great deal about photography this year, tips that I would like to share here:

- Edit my own work: I stopped submitting every sharp enough image I could produce and started to edit my work very tightly. The number of images I submit monthly went down, but both D/I ratio and earnings went up

- Enjoy. It looks like a silly tip, but I don't enjoy what I'm doing, I wouldn't submit my work to Dreamstime

- Rejections: They are annoying sometimes, but I imposed to me the rule to learn from every rejection, because something must have gone wrong: a perfect image would never be rejected whatsoever. I (ab)use Dreamstime support often asking for details over some rejections, in order to learn from the mistake I've made. I learnt a lot through this approach, and support has been extremely helpful

- Equipment: lens lust is a joy, but I'm trying to choose the equipment basing on actual needs in my photography rather than what I want to own. I just got a new Macro Lens, cause I want to diversify my portfolio.

Looking forward now to 2010, where I set to my self some rather ambitious goals to achieve. I wish everyone great light for the new year and some beautiful images to share.

Photo credits: Francesco Carucci.

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December 31, 2009


Congrats on reaching your goals! Beautiful images!

When it comes to rejections, I've personally found the Dreamstime reviewers very helpful in explaining why the image didn't meet the standard.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and here's to another year of exponential growth (as an artist and financially) selling stock!

December 31, 2009


well done!

December 26, 2009


Very interesting post and beautiful pictures! Bravo!

December 22, 2009


Soon enough!

December 22, 2009


Can't wait to see your pencils pictures!!! :P

December 20, 2009


very beautiful shoots and good AR, congrats!!! hopse seing more of that pretty pics :)

December 16, 2009


4221 images online on Dreamstime
Total revenue: $5,195.03


December 15, 2009


Thanks! :-)

December 15, 2009


beautiful port. Very nice landscapes.

December 14, 2009


You seem to talk about my year here. It was quite similar!
Have a great 2010!
great portofolio, btw!

December 14, 2009


Well done,you have a great attitude,lovely portfolio great tones.Best wishes.

December 14, 2009


Thanks everyone, appreciated.

December 14, 2009


amazing pictures,keep uploading...thanks,ciao

December 13, 2009


Great images. COngrats on all the goals you have reached. WIshing you more and more sales as the new Year comes! Good luck - rebecca

December 13, 2009


thanks and great images

December 13, 2009


Amm ..what was the word? ... amm stunning? Yeah! Stunning!!!
Thanks for the advices! Good luck ahead!

December 12, 2009


Couldn't agree with you more! Keep it up!!

December 12, 2009


You're doing great! Love your night shots. Good luck for 2010 :0)

December 12, 2009


fantastic, great tips, congratulations :)

December 12, 2009


Great Job! Keep going ;)

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