Yeees, I did it !!!

I'm sooooo happy right now !!! I did it! I have my own website! And I did it all by my self!

I'm visiting web design lessons and here is the result: my site

It's not too much BUT for me (as a beginner) it's GREAT! It's not finished yet but I'm working on it and I think to improve it as soon as possible.

I have no patience to show it to you! I'll appreciate any advice!

Thank you and have fun!

Photo credits: Desislava Vasileva.

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October 29, 2008


Site looks great! I hope it brings you a lot of new business. Good luck.

October 28, 2008



October 22, 2008


Congratulations:) well done!

October 14, 2008


Ooooo! Mimirus, see you on the web design exam in friday :):):)
For all of you, I'll tell you that Mimirus is my colleague and we work in the same office. By the way we should be working now :) But we are the most crazy accountants in the world!

October 14, 2008


Oooo! Congratulations for your website! Good work!

October 13, 2008


Good job! You surely do spend a lot of time learning things and it shows.

October 13, 2008


Very good!

October 13, 2008


SWEET! Keep up the good work

October 13, 2008


Thank you all! Holgs, It's done - they all open in a new browser window! I wanted it that way, too but I didn't know how to make it :). I did it for 1 minute now! Woohooo!!!

October 13, 2008


Yep I agree - the site looks nice, but I was also wondering about the missing sites. Personally I would make all the links open in a new browser window the way that the thumbnails in the header do. If you can work out which site workout best for you to have people downloading from, I'd promote that people looking at your website download from that site. For me that's this site, so where I have images linked to my site, they tend to be from here. Good luck with it - its all a learning process!

October 13, 2008




October 13, 2008



October 12, 2008


Good work :-)
Very nice portfolios :-)
Keep on the good work!

October 12, 2008


Thank you!! If after 6 months, One of the biggest decide that my photos are good enough for them, I'll add another blue button on my site :):):) I still wonder how is it possible to earn 4 digit number $ in 1 of the sites only for 2 months and another one to say: 'Try next time'. And the other one of the biggest is still waiting to upload my passport but I don't have so much time. Maybe in winter ... when there isn't much to shoot and have more free time.
I don't earn much here but DT is the most friendly site!!! Thank you all my friends!

October 12, 2008


Congratulations with your own website!

October 12, 2008


Great, but i miss the two biggest ones!

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