Yellow Mountain, a Chinese fairy tale

Two years ago I visited Yellow Mountain in China. It is like being in a fairy tale, with the fog hanging between the pointy mountains. To get there, I first travelled four hours by bus from Hefei to Zhaixicun, then by cable car through a thick layer of fog. Fifty meter before arriving at the terminal station of the cable car the fog disappeared and suddenly it was a sunny day.

Yellow Mountain, Huangshan in Chinese, is, if it is sunny, a beautiful fairy tale landscape. In the evening, however, the fog actually enters the hotel and it becomes pretty cold.

Together with tens of Chinese tourists we got up very early to see the sun rise (6:22 am). The only thing we saw was just fog.

Read more about my trip to Yellow Mountain on my photoblog. Here you can see more pictures of Yellow Mountain accepted by Dreamstime.

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December 04, 2016


beautiful landscape :)

December 04, 2016


Thanks for your compliment. It was indeed quite a steep climb. It is an amazing place, however, one has to realise that one is not alone (although the pictures might imply that). Also for Chinese it is a real tourist attraction.

December 03, 2016


Stunning, that looks like a magical place! And not easy pictures to get I bet! : )

December 03, 2016


Thanks, the effort in getting my gear up there paid off. If the fog is there, it is really an amazing place.

December 03, 2016


Absolutely beautiful images!

December 02, 2016


Beautiful images! Thanks for sharing!

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Photo credits: Peter Apers.