Yes, THIS really happened ……

As stock photographers, we have all found ourselves in awkward situations trying to get the best shot. We push ourselves – and our models – to the very edge to get just the right image, capture just the right mood, or convey just the right concept. As a result, we have all had that one time we pushed things just a tad too far creating our story about the time when “this” thing happened.

Sometimes the results can be truly tragic, reminding us all to be careful no matter where we are shooting, but most of the times our stories will be funny – usually ending with everyone having a good laugh at our expense.

When I started thinking about my own “yes, this really happened” moment, I thought it could have been the time I was shooting desert landscapes and I accidentally backed into a cactus. I spent the next several days pulling needles out of my …..

Orange cactus blossom

Sometimes those moments are less than funny – which made me think about that time my husband did an underwater shoot for me. We spent so much time in the swimming pool trying to get the perfect shot that he ended up with swimmers ear.

Businessman Underwater

He was less than amused, so now we always use earplugs when plunging into the water.

Santa Claus working on beach chair working with laptop computer

But the best story I have to tell must to be the time I finally convinced my husband to do a “Santa at the Beach” session with me. It was September, and since we don’t live near a beach, I packed up lounge chairs, costumes, toys and my husband and headed to a nearby park to use their sand lot - figuring we would have the place to ourselves on a Wednesday morning when the kids were in school.

I had him all dressed in red swimming trunks with a Hawaiian shirt padded with an oversize pillow sporting an iconic beard and curly white hair. I even participated in a red velvet pixie suit as the Mrs. in a few of the scenes. I brought lots of beach toys and props to shoot several different concepts.

Santa and Mrs Claus taking selfie on beach

It was a really hot day, and we had been at it a while doing a lot of different shots – so we didn’t notice the young couple approaching us pushing a stroller. That was until we heard a tiny voice BELLOW out “It’s SaaaaAAnNNTa ClaaAAAuuSSSS” with all the force his tiny little body could muster.

And no matter what his slightly embarrassed parents tried to say to convince him that my husband wasn’t really Santa Claus and I wasn’t Mrs. Claus – he continued to excitedly yell and point to Santa lounging on the beach. Which left my husband and I rolling in laughter and brought the attention of everyone within a 5 mile radius of the park over to see what was going on.

Santa Claus on sunny beach

I figured at that point we must have nailed the concept!

I cannot look at those pictures today without giggling slightly thinking about that young boy who I’m sure is still tell everyone he knows - and will be for years to come - that he saw Santa Claus on vacation in his hometown park.

Try telling him there really isn’t a Santa!

I’m sure you have your own "that time.." story, so why not share it with your own “Yes, THIS really happened” comment – or better yet, write a blog about it – for your fellow contributors. We could all use a good laugh these days.

Photo credits: Karen Foley.

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November 13, 2018


awesome story Karen!

November 07, 2018


Santa on the beach - perfect, perfect, perfect!!!

November 07, 2018


Your photography certainly brings the pair of you great fun although I get the feeling that many of your escapades would occur even if you hadn't taken up photography. Thank you-always fun to see you two enjoying yourselves.

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