Yesterdays rampage today's wonder?

Yesterday I got the message that after 8 years of working for the same company they had to shrink down and they decided to make my function obsolete so the requested my resignation.

Damn, job gone, 42 years old, almost no education. How in hell am I gonna find a new job. What is it what I'm good at.

Besides talking and inspiring others, there's photography.

We'll let's find out what we can do.

I am scared shitless but my new life or career starts here.

Easy scary and silently.

I'm gonna try to keep you guys updated.

Luckily Danielle is getting offered a solid contract at the firm she works.

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November 11, 2007


thank you all friends for such fine support. I decided to see it as an oppotunity to live my dream becoming a photographer for real.
I'll keep you posted.

November 11, 2007


Yo dude that happened to me recently... I guess what got me through was the realisation that I wanted to leave the place anyway, and I had already started looking for a job, even before they told me. The other thing that helped me was having a backup plan (in case I can't find a new job in x time, this is what I'll do). And I started looking at it as an opportunity to embark on something new... that was the real thing, rather than looking back, I saw the whole event as an opportunity... and things have worked out fairly well. I know it is scary and frightening, but if you can put a positive spin on it, who knows what it may lead to...

Good luck and chin up

November 09, 2007


Believe me, 42, is just the right time to explore new opportunities. I started a business at 35, went back to graduate school at 46 and date the start of the most interesting and financially rewarding part of my job life at around 50. Geez I didn't even meet my husband until I was 52. (I guess he was waiting around for me to settle down into a better paying job). Not to diminish the shock and extreme anxiety that being let go causes. Due to the consolidation in the stock photo business, I have been put out of a job more than once because one of the big three bought out a company that I worked for. Hang in there and you will find that this was a turning point for the best...chances are. Good luck!

November 09, 2007


if you need any advice or help.... let me know. If nothing else i can offer a objective opinion on images....

I too am 42 and have been pushed into freelancing..... mine was more I just couldn't stand the people I worked for treating me like I had no clue.

Think of this as a positive...... get it set in your mind now that this is the best thing that has ever happened to you.

November 09, 2007


I do agree with Kenney! Take your time now, just shoot as much as you can and do your best in DreamStime! Treat your loss as a new beginning, life is a game, isn't it!
Wish you luck!

November 09, 2007


I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your job. If you really do love photography, now might be a great opportunity to take lots of shots and expand your portfolio.

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