So this has been an incredibly busy week outside my world of photography. My children have more of a social life than I do and end of the year school activities have me running in all directions. Which has turned out to be a good thing because that has left very little time to think about how nervous I am about my Sunday photo shoot. First, let me say, I'm an in-the-moment kind of photographer. I don't like posing people and molding them to something they aren't so I like to let them do their thing and I do my thing. It works. Usually. But this weekend is a little different. This shoot is for a couple who just got married and want some nice photos of themselves because they have virtually none together professionally. The bride is a friend of mine, the groom, I have never met. My biggest fear, since I am who I am behind the camera, is that we will get to our outdoor setting, and we will all just stand there and look at each other with stupid looks on our faces. So, my friends, this is where all of you veterans come in to play.

I would welcome any creative ideas you may have. This is going to be a wooded outside setting, maybe a log cabin in the background, who knows what we will end up with?!?! But I am starting to feel the nerves take over. Well, nerves or excitement, I can't really tell which it is at this point! I know it will go well and she'll love her pictures because I always give 100% and don't leave until I get great shots. But... There is the fear of the unknown... Like what if they just stand there and do nothing???! And since I am starting to ramble, I bid you all good day and good luck on all of your endeavors! :)

Happy clicking!

Photo credits: Martinmark.

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So apparently Mother Nature has bought me some time. Which is good because, 1. I need time to recover from an indulgent weekend. and 2. It's cold, soggy and raining.
So, everything is put off until next weekend, along with the other shoots I have already scheduled. Can we say "Bottle-necked?" Gonna be a long one...


Thanks Joe!! :) Gonna hop over to your website now! :)


Aha....I understand that. I mean I am in the same boat and I don't ask my subjects to pose. There is so much stiffness in posed photos and it looks so unatural. (see my website in my profile)
What I would suggest is that first you get to know the groom better before picking up the camera (as you are meeting him first time)
Then take them to the sites that they want to be photographed and ask them to be their natural self like talking to each other/having lunch together ..... any thing to put them at ease, while you keep shooting.
And I am sure you will come up with some lovely results.


nice images


I'm praying for fog...
But I don't see that happening.
IL isn't exactly known for it's fog lol!


good luck .If its wooded hopefully you can get a lot of mystic romantic shoots.Cant wait to see them

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